Columbia 39 Specifications

Manufactured by:

Columbia Sailing Yachts

Whittaker Corporation

The following is from a Columbia brochure:

The C39 is made from the C41 mold, with a plug in the transom. It is a BIG boat inside. There were 43 made from 1970 thru 1971.

        LOA   38'  7"
        LWL   31'  6"
       BEAM   11'  3"
       Main  315 sq ft
   Jib 100%  438 sq ft
      Total  753 sq ft

  KEEL           STD     KEEL/CTRBOARD
      DRAFT     6' 0"     4' 6"/7' 6"
      DISPL   16,000    17,000  (brochure 1)
      DISPL   18,500    19,500  (brochure 2)
    BALLAST    7,000
 1971 PRICE  $27,750

The first Columbia 39 is the fourth Columbia owned by top skipper John Hall.

Columbia 39 Magzine Ad, Sept. 1971

Columbia 39 Layout

Columbia 39 picture

The following is some information passed along by a C-39 owner:

Owner's Manual "Section 2-2 Standard And Shoal Draft Keels" after a paragraph referring to the STANDARD KEEL model states:

"The SHOAL DRAFT KEEL offers the minimum draft which is necessary for cruising in many areas...

After careful analysis and in-the-water testing, we have determined that the shoal draft boat's performance is superior to that of a centerboard. It is also less expensive, has no mechanical complications, eliminates the leaking and rattling of the board, while still offering a good answer to the shallow draft need."

One more tidbit...

I have two sales brochures...

One refers to a "Keel Model" Displacement 16,000 lbs and a "Keel-Centerboard Model" Dsp 17,000 lbs.

The other refers to a "Keel Model" Dsp 18,500 lbs and a "Shoal-Draft Keel Model Dsp 19,500

Engineering drawings and literature available for the C-39

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