Owners Registry

Looking for other folks with your boat model to share info with? Want a friend when you drop anchor in far away ports? Check out the owners registry. Click on the underlined boat names to see a picture.

Please help the Registry grow. Email your boat's information and I will add it to the list. The email addresses on the registry pages have been modified to help prevent harvesting. Replace the (at) with the @ sign.

As you look down the list, you will note that some of the hull numbers and year produced are out of order. Case in point, C-22 1507 was built in '71, but 1468 was built in '72. Columbia assigned hull numbers to each plant in blocks of 50 or 100. #1468 was built in Portsmouth, VA and #1507 was built in Costa Mesa, CA. Evidently, the VA plant's C-22 production run was behind the CA plant. Another Columbia mystery solved? Maybe. There is a link to some of the hull number assignments for these two plants on the Specifications page.

This page has the models up through 29 feet LOA. The 30 ft and up are on a separate page.

This page has the Columbia Power Yachts.

Model            Year    Hull#  Name              Home Port              Owner

Cadet            1968       1                                            Michael Mckenzie mikenlainey(at)sbcglobal.net
C-21                      001  ID Plate           Newport Beach, CA      (reported destroyed 3/2003, last owner? Robert Frackelton Frackelton(at)aol.com c21plate.jpg
C-21 (destroyed 2005)     002                     Port San Luis, CA      (reported by po Tim Smith smith650(at)peoplepc.com)
C-21                        5                     Quadra Island, B.C.    Colin MacRae ccam(at)oberon.ark.com
C-21             1967       8                     El Rio, CA             Richard Ingram meccha(at)dslextreme.com 
C-21             1968      21  H20 Retreat        San Diego, CA          Chuck Brannan Ctbrannan(at)cox.net
C-21             1967      35  Yard Dog           Morro Bay, CA          Paul Irving paul(at)ronviola.com (Rich D'Alessio r.dalessio(at)sbn.com)
C-21 (destroyed) 196       37  This Side Up       Morro Bay, CA          (po Paul Irving  paul(at)baysidelife.com)
C-21             196           Ivory              Newport Beach, CA      (eBay 6/06)
C-21             1967          This side Up II    Morro Bay, CA          Paul Irving paul(at)baysidelife.com
C-21             1967      47  Icarus             Brownsville, WA        Mark Morton enigma_98311(at)excite.com 
C-21             1967          Pegasus            Bainbridge Isl., WA    Gary & Marlene Seiford gseiford(at)gmail.com
C-21             1968          Seraphin           Monroe, MI             (po Sheila Marie sailing(at)itilink.com)
C-21             1970      73  Nugget             Seattle, WA            Bill Rosen WMMROSEN(at)aol.com
C-21             1968     101  Bearcat            Sag Harbor, NY         Bob Stutts  rwstutts(at)email.com
C-21             1968     112  Serendipity        Atlanta, GA            Rick Bensyl rbensyl(at)att.net
C-21             1967     127  hull 127.jpg                              Mike Cadiz SAILTURTLE(at)aol.com   
C-21             19       138                     Tulsa, OK              Paul Jensen fiddleaboutpj(at)netscape.net
C-21             1968     160                     Amherstburg, Ontario   Gordon Freeman freeman(at)windsor.iqs.net
C-21             1968     161  Ann Boleyn         Suttons Bay, MI        Bill Ayotte bill(at)billayotte.com 
C-21             196?     180  Meadowlark         Oxford, MD             Ian Scott IanAScott(at)aol.com
C-21             1968     181  unknown            Chantilly, VA          Tom & Diana Pendleton GTP4US(at)aol.com
C-21             1969    2119  Old Blue           San Mateo, CA          Stephen Robertson CedarClub1(at)aol.com
C-21             1969          Hardly Workin      Brewster, NY           (eBay 6/05)
C-21             1970          Joint Venture      Overland Park, KS      Jim Hiebl jhiebl(at)everestkc.net
C-22                           click for blog     Olympia, WN            Corey & Heather calluna(at)gmail.com
C-22             196?          Wind's Song        Alemeda, CA            Jeff Koger koge(at)home.com (po was Ron Allshouse allshouse(at)earthlink.net)
C-22                                              Port Washington, NY    Rick Evans ricke555(at)yahoo.com
C-22                           One Day            Dana Point, CA         Mike & Cathy de Geus fijigifts(at)aol.com
C-22                           Kathryn Ann        Kalamazoo, MI          Terry Moore HJSTerry(at)kalamazoo.net
C-22                       12                     Long Beach, CA         Sea Scouts norm(at)bsaboats.com (reported by Glenn Draper glenndraper(at)modernmastersinc.com)
C-22             1967      13  num 13             Berkeley, CA          (for sale on Craigslist.com 5/05)
C-22             1965      44  Brava              Marina Del Rey, CA     Gimmy Tranquillo gimmy(at)tranquillo.us
C-22             1966      64  Seas the Moment    San Diego, CA          Michael & Kris Andersen VAQ137ROOK(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1965      75  El Nino            San Pedro, CA          extremelyhere(at)yahoo.com 
C-22             1966      76                     Corbin, KY             Gene Englert ENSAgene(at)aol.com
C-22             1969     169  unknown            Fremont, NH           (eBay 8/06)
C-22 retired              187  Starlet            Wilmington, CA         (reported by Nancy Cooper)
C-22             1966     188  Pilgrym            Newport, OR            Michael & Liz Gray 4gray(at)presys.com
C-22             19??     200  $1 Baby            Alameda, CA            John Chile
C-22             19??     201  Koinonia           Rockport, TX           William Schooley SchooleyW(at)peoplepc.com
C-22             1970     204  Childsplay         Surrey, BC CA          Martin Read bugtustleboatworks(at)hotmail.com (po Art G. Childs childs(at)intergate.bc.ca)
C-22             1968     229  Goober             Ryer Island, CA        John and Terry Rutledge jrmbz(at)sbcglobal.net
C-22             196?     234                     San Diego, CA          Pedro de Martinez djnpodm1(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     239                                            bconnor(at)emisphere.com
C-22             1967                             Denver, CO             Valdis "Zeke" Zebauers VZebauer(at)co.jefferson.co.us
C-22             1967          Rag Doll                                  Brad & Janet Tutor amiet(at)socket.net
C-22             1967     253  Forever Dreamin    Macon,GA               Michael Clough drgnhntr37(at)yahoo.com (keel reported missing 4/05)
C-22             1967     270  THE Yacht          Port Aransas, TX       John Thompson thompson(at)utmsi.utexas.edu
C-22             1967     274  Fairwind           Victoria, BC, Canada   Dwane & aTracey Mee dcmee(at)shaw.ca 
C-22             1967     291  hull #291          Seattle, WA            Peter Klipstein
C-22             1967     309  Lorelei            Long Beach, CA         Greg, Jahn & Jared
C-22             1967     310                     Copeville, TX          scrapped 12/2002 David L Burress dontknow(at)gte.net
C-22             1973     319  First Draft        Bayview, ID            Bob Elmer elmerbooks(at)earthlink.net
C-22             196?     328  Genevieve          Des Moines Marina, WA  Ramon Hildreth ramonred(at)gmail.com
C-22             196?     334  hull #334          Redwood City, CA       Jean-Luc Drouot c22(at)lussy.net
C-22             196?     340  hull #340          Alameda, CA            (ebay 2/2006)
C-22             1972     358  Satori             Port Angeles, WA       John, Carol, John Fred, & Byron Pope johnp(at)olypen.com
C-22             1968     368  Gaviota            Olympia, WA            Lisa & Mick Anderson email captainamerica1340(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1969     375                     Portland, OR           hurtback(at)covad.net
C-22             1969     402  My Girl            New Bedford, MA        Edward G Williams, Anne Williams flaegw3(at)juno.com 
C-22             1967     414  Groundhog          Belhaven, NC           Glenn Tallman gdtallman(at)webtv.net
C-22             1968     437  Simple Gifts       Milwaukee, WI          Mike & Dawn Caruss crazynurse(at)sbcglobal.net (ex Stingaree)
C-22             1967     439  Rinny B            Elkton, MD             Mark & Jen Berry mjberry(at)bdumail.com
C-22             1967     442  Nashalla           New Haven, CT          David Stern david.e.stern(at)yale.edu
C-22             1967     446  Pot O' Gold        Miami, FL              (Lloyds '72 Don & Terry Blechman)
C-22             1967     449  Wa-Ko              Stuart, FL             TR Havins trhavins(at)gateway.net
C-22             1968                             Bagdad, FL             Richard Lewis bettyrichard.lewis(at)worldnet.att.net
C-22             1968          True Gravity       Marina del Rey, CA     Christopher Walton ChristopherWalton(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1968                             Bellingham, WA         Adam Jewett kada48(at)aol.com
C-22             1968                             Waltham, MA            Gary Horgan CMailer(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     451                     Elizabeth City, NC     Quinn Wreggelsworth quins(at)interpath.com
C-22             1969     457  Patience           Corapeake, NC          Cecil Tiller ctiller(at)net-change.com
C-22             1969     461                     Lake George, NY        
C-22             1968     473  Wilde Tyke         Redington Beach, FL    (po Jay Thornton jaysimac(at)yahoo.com)
C-22             1968     483  Whisper            Grand Haven, MI        (po David & Mary Ellen Burchell burchelld(at)novagate.com)
C-22             1968     492  Andiamo            Sandusky, OH           Bob Dianetti c22yacht(at)yahoo.com (po John Earhart JohnE11111(at)aol.com)
C-22             1972     496  Tensas Belle       New Orleans, LA        Elliot Evans & Andreas Niedderberger benbenton(at)excite.com
C-22             1968          click here         Albuquerque, NM        Cole Harris charris(at)exagencorp.com (po was Joe Duffy info(at)hillcrestnewssd.com)
C-22             1968     507  Wanderer           Wilmington, CA         Corina & John Ashley sugarmagnolia(at)nevadasportscards.com
C-22             1968     544  Lampwick           Eureka Bay, CA         Chris Mullen (po Mike Mullen mmmullen(at)pacbell.net)
C-22             196?     512  Day Dreams         Chula Vista, CA        Auction 12/2003
C-22             1968     553                                            Jim ShianHawn1(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     559  Mibada             Lake Pend Oreille, ID  Daniel Martin dantheman17@verizon.net (po Steve Gaddum gaddum(at)prodigy.net)
C-22             1960     564  Inga               Grass Valley, CA       Rod & Kim Ivy riv(at)jps.net (po Forest & Linda Mathes famathes(at)comcast.net)
C-22             1967     579  Lahaina            Gabriola Is., BC, CAN  Katja &  George Weber gweber(at)island.net
C-22             1968     587  Raising Heel       Seattle, WA            Eric & Sue Altendorf Ealtendorf(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     593  Klim Kwash         Comox, BC, Canada      Peter Havlik phavlik(at)awink.com (PO was Eric L.W. Frazier efrazier(at)mars.ark.com)
C-22             1968     604  Serenity           Elizabeth City, NC     Dan & Kathy Smith kathy(at)providence-hill.comp
C-22             1968     620  Patches            Perryville, MD         Steve & Demi Porter, Bob & Vicki Owens sporter101(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     622  Port Luck          Rockport, MA           Dick Boulter NBou396950(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     625  Plaid I            Shorewood, WI          Jim Valent Gfmaddad(at)execpc.com (was Die Fliedermaus)
C-22             1967     635  Swept Away         North East, PA         Bill & Sharron Campbell  bcampbell2(at)welchs.com
C-22             1968          Main Break         San Antonio, TX        (sold on eBay 5/2005)
C-22             1968     638  Sea Dwarf          Stamford, CT           Max Wessels MAXWESS(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     640                     Farmingville, NY       Kevin Stiegelmaier mistersteg(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     652                     Tulsa, OK              Steve Elliot saell1(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     654  Pride & Joy        Bay City, MI           Dave Case dcase(at)psi-web.com 
C-22             1968     680  Halcyon            Peak's Island, ME      Sandra Blaisdell blaisdellsail(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1968     682  Pomfret                        DE         Mr. & Mrs. Selken (reported by son, Jim. was Mary Anne)
C-22             1968     683  Danielle Marie     Long Beach, MS         Sheila Marie sailing(at)itilink.com
C-22             1968     686  Misry Anne         Willoughby Spit, VA    Marianne & Tim Delabar Hndbabe50(at)aol.com (Brett Silver brett4733(at)yahoo.com Sweet Irene)
C-22             1968     716  Scalawag           Sidney, BC Canada      Bill Skipsey billskipsey(at)hotmail.com 
C-22             1969     727  Amber Brooke       Victoria, BC Canada    Larry Travis larrytravis(at)hotmail.com (was Ourus)
C-22             1972     801  Lin-Lyn            San Leon, TX           Tracy Wilson tracybwilson(at)yahoo.com
C-22             196?     804  Blue Lady          Seattle, WA            Randy, Rebecca, Caleb & Christian Maitland(at)richpoor.com
C-22             1968     814  Jedi               Vancouver, WA          Jeremy Norris & Stephanie Pisias psychfellow(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1968     823  Apple              Poulsbo, WA            John Best arthurjohnbest(at)comcast.net
C-22             1968     826  Oleana             St. Helens, OR         Rick Riverman rbriver(at)verizon.net
C-22             1968     828  Mighty Wind        Long Beach, CA         Tony Ashlin tonyashlin(at)yahoo.com (was 9 Ball)
C-22             1969     834  picture            Everett, WA            (po Paul Von Stubbe HobieTrails2U(at)webtv.net)
C-22             1969     836  Caroline           Marina del Sol, CA     David Floyd Clumbaboat(at)aol.com
C-22             1969     838                                            Lee Whiteley cruisor(at)msn.com
C-22             1968     845  Kona Too           Poulsbo, WA            Glenn & Jan Anderson
C-22             1968     855  Lazy Dawn                                 Errol Woolen & Beverly Bayer svtimpas(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1968     862  Nautical Weaver    Seattle, WA            Kim Firestone fire(at)u.washington.edu (po Tim Harville )
C-22             1968     865  Stargazer          Dana Point, CA         Drew Decker ceoruler(at)cox.net CeoRuler.com
C-22             1968     873  Odyssey Too        Sasakwa, OK            John Womack (po was Stephen Newbury SNewbury(at)omniplex.org)
C-22             1968     881  (click here)       Dana Point, CA         Jim links(at)successmakers.com
C-22             1968     882  Rumble Fish        Berkeley, CA           (po Bryan Bartlett bbartlett(at)worldnet.att.net)
C-22             1970     888  Galloping Gael     San Leandro, CA        Gary & Kristin Nelson g_v_nelson(at)msn.com
C-22             1968     891  Faith              Marina Del Rey, CA     Mike, Carolyn and Annie Isaac MIsaac2683(at)aol.com
C-22             19       905  Sister Act         Long Beach, CA         Nancy Cooper coopersworkshop(at)yahoo.com (ex Sail-4-1)
C-22             1968(?)  918  hull 918           Meaford, Ontario       (for sale on eBay 9/2002)
C-22             1968     921  Argois             Hingham, MA            James T. Vradelis jvradelis(at)mediaone.net
C-22             1969     923  Time Machine                              Gerald Van Arsdall gvanarsd(at)bellsouth.net
C-22             1968     925  Faith              Gulfport, FL           David J Gibson davidgibson4(at)juno.com
C-22             1969                             Hampton, VA            John Williams johnwilliams(at)cox.net
C-22             1969          Dolce Vita         Jamestown, RI          Tom Capobianco cappy(at)albany.net
C-22             1969     942  Seas-a-Dream       Port  Milford, CT      Arnold J D'Alessio adalessio01(at)snet.net
C-22             1969     953  hull 953           Fells Point, MD        Chris Hopkins & Orma ormawilliams(at)aol.com
C-22             1968     956                     St. Marks, FL          
C-22             1968     957                     Magothy River, MD      Scott Lynch Sgrbisct(at)aol.com
C-22             1969     967                     Port  Jefferson, NY    Pete Stolarski Pstolar(at)aol.com
C-22             196      970  Guimo              Canada, Qc, Beloeil    Sébastien Hould Gagnon lowrider_seb(at)hotmail.com (ex Géronimo, Mazel Tov, Venture) 
C-22             1969     997  Elsewhere          Ft. Monroe, VA         Steve Newman steve.newman(at)monroe.army.mil (ex Tip Sea II)
C-22             1969    1008                     New Westminster, B.C.  Derrick itsaguything1(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1968    1016                     San Diego, CA          Scott Glazebrook sglazebrook(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1973    1024  Wendy              Tacoma, WA             Eric FooFeeFee(at)aol.com  
C-22             1970    1035  Jury Rigged        Marina del Rey, CA     Steve Mullen mullen_la(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1969    1040  no name            San Mateo, CA          (eBay 6/06)
C-22             1970    1048                     Bowie, TX              Mike Ratliff navyt28c(at)hotmail.com 
C-22             1969    1052  Sea Queue          Cowichan Bay, B.C.     Tom and Hennie Wagner columbia(at)ibnd.com
C-22(scrap'd '02)1969    1062                     Annapolis, MD          Neal Felton arrrg.matey(at)verizon.net
C-22             1969          no name            Severna Park, MD       Steve Nearhoof
C-22             1969    1069  Passing Time       Brownsville, WA        Mark Millbauer mmillbau(at)greenriver.edu Millbauer(at)comcast.net
C-22             1968    1072  Code Blue          Copperas Cove, TX      Rey & Frances Caraballo tbirdrey(at)yahoo.com (ex Main Break)
C-22             1969    1086  O'Annie            Lake Mead, NV          Steve Andrascik snapshot(at)lv.rmci.net
C-22             1969    1087  Lil Red Boat       Hammond, OR            Jean Cameron Jean.M.Cameron(at)boeing.com>
C-22             1969    1089  Mother Goose II    Scottsdale, AZ         Deedy & Doug Payne lioneldmp(at)aol.com
C-22             1969    1092  Thistle            Tulsa, OK              Bill & Marsue Gent
C-22                                              Ferry Point, MD        (po was Nancy Gardner ngardner(at)sensitivesystems.com)
C-22             1969          Escape             Muskegon, MI           (for sale Yachtworld 1/2004)
C-22             1969                             Houston, TX            Tim Stromatt tstromatt(at)mindspring.com
C-22             1969          Wahoo              San Pedro, CA          (po was Jerry DiveNSailr(at)aol.com)
C-22             196?    1108  Reni B             Lake Chaney, KS        Steve Souther stevesouther(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1968    1109  Eaglet             Bremerton, WA          David Morgan sapper69k(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1969    1110  Desuci             Bellingham, WA         Bill Shane desuci1(at)msn.com
C-22             1969                             Rhode Island           Mark hannamannapia(at)aol.com
C-22             1969    4023  C2                 Richland, WA           Doug & Carol Packard dcpack(at)gte.net
C-22             1969    1134  Nirvana            Pleasure Island, TX    Troy Bradford sailor.man(at)worldnet.att.net
C-22             1972    1137  ALMOSTA-YACHT      Austin, TX             Hilly Davis hadcpa(at)gmail.com
C-22             1971    1141                     Manchester, WA         Barbara & Jim Denovan, Bill Budd & Marty Bishop EICEHS(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1146                     Isleton, CA            James Fontanilla deltacstawy(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1969    1147  Valparaiso         San Diego, CA          Douglas Thorpe douglas.thorpe(at)mciworld.com
C-22             1969    1152  Yippee-Ki-Yay      Portland, OR           Darcy Williams DJWILLIAMS(at)stoel.com
C-22             1969    1154  Yanqui Dog         Alameda, CA            Matt Peterson FstBttms(at)aol.com
C-22             1969    1156  En L’ Air          San Diego, CA          Glenn Wolfson gwolfson(at)kintera.com 
C-22             1969    1171  Peace of Sea       Amarillo, TX           Susan Brofft paendora(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1969    1174  Kukana-Malia       Kaneohe, HI            Peter Stone pohaku(at)hawaii.rr.com
C-22             1970          Barbara Jean       North Kingstown, RI    (sold on eBay 5/2005)
C-22             1970                                                    MHayes1913(at)aol.com
C-22             1970          Jazbo              Bartlett Narrows, ME   Kevin Buck boldlygo(at)acadia.net
C-22             1970    1181                     Oahu, HI               Michael Caliri Bohdi7(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1196  Free Bee           Everett, WA            Russell Stankey Russell.Stankey(at)AuBeta.net
C-22             1969    1198                                            Bill Taylor wtaylor428(at)aol.com 
C-22             1969    1202  Bonefish           Newport News, VA       Thomas & Robin Gonntgonnella(at)qedsysinc.com
C-22             1969    1214  Small Fry          West Warwick, RI       John McLaughlin johnymac2(at)hotmail.com (po Bob & Emily Johnson duke962s(at)yahoo.com)
C-22             1970    1226  Sundblom           Oswego, NY             Greg Neal neal(at)dreamscape.com
C-22             1970    1227  Destin Dreams      Pearland, TX           Mike Hobizal mikeh(at)buildyourweb.com ( po Dave Hillmyer nasdwh(at)gateway.net, Satellite;  was "Free and Clear")
C-22             1970    1237  no name            Norwalk, CT            Rob Polley robpolly(at)gmail.com
C-22             1971    1259  Hawkeye            Hayes, VA              John Coleman john.coleman(at)cox.net (po David Wible wibles(at)cox.net (was Blueberry))
C-22             1969    1249                     FL                     Mark marklan(at)mchsi.com 
C-22             1969    1264  Limin              Mobile Bay, AL         (po Stephen E. Barnett sbarnett(at)zebra.net)
C-22             1970    1280  Hornet             Annapolis, MD          Eric Antoine eantione(at)home.com
C-22             1970    1303  Praise Song        Muskegon, MI           Jack & Deb Wright jakpoot75(at)aol.com
C-22             1970    1306                                            Fred WhiteCap1(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1309  Andiamo            Sault Ste. Marie, Can  Andrew & Laura Neish andiamo63(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1970    1310  Bimzbote           Narragansett Bay, RI   Sherry Hernandez sherodean(at)cox.net (ex Our Song)
C-22             1969    1311  Breakaway          Largo, FL              Dave Botteman botteman(at)knology.net
C-22             1971    1318  Gone With The Wind Gerritsen Beach, NY    Dan Ene enewhere(at)earthlink.net
C-22             1970    1322                     Kingston, NY           John M. Mulz  jmem73(at)yahoo.com 
C-22             1970    1360  White Cap          Muskegon, MI           Fred Snell Whitecap1(at)aol.com
C-22             1970    1363  La Cita            Cocoa, FL              Dale beachdog57(at)peoplepc.com 
C-22             1978?   1365  boodak             Peoria, IL             (po David & Jenni Bateman boodak1(at)aol.com)
C-22             1971          Floating Fever     Lake of the Ozarks, MO (sold on eBay 9/2003)
C-22             1971          Legato             Seattle, WA            Brian Applegate
C-22             1971          Freedom's Passion  Phoenix, AZ            Jeff Ofstedahl jeff4echo(at)aol.com
C-22             1970    1380  Mi Casa            Moyock, NC             Tim Peters tpeters(at)coastalnet.com
C-22             1971    1389  Mariah             Cleveland, OH          Tony & Kathy Skettle Kskettle(at)star21.com
C-22             1971    1395  Heather            Shore Acres, NJ        Robert & Donna Manalio Dmanalio(at)comcast.net (po Robert Ely Johnely(at)aol.com, John Gardner OHG917(at)Hotmail.com was Hyperion)
C-22             1972          Harmony            Cape May, NJ           Peter Tyrrell precisioncraftsment(at)gmail.com Laura Starrett l.a.starrett(at)gmail.com
C-22             1971    1408  Peruna             Grapevine, TX          Richard Schrader rschrader(at)advantexmail.net
C-22             197?    1420                                            Karen Cotton cotton_karen(at)hotmail.com 
C-22             1970    1423  no name            Oroville, CA           Michael Howard mikeh_appraiser(at)hotmail.com
C-22             1970    1441  Harmony            Channel Isls Hrbr, CA  Paul Sibek threecyl-sail(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1971    1426                     Antioch, CA            Roger Ehinger RJEHINGER(at)msn.com> 
C-22             197?    1429                     Fort Worth, TX         Bill bb3nfwtx(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1451                     Austin, TX             Kenneth Gall k_gall(at)yahoo.com
C-22             1971    1454                     Lake of the Ozarks, MO Jim & Margi Burtin jdburtin(at)schultzengineering.com
C-22             1972    1468  Samantia           Austin, TX             David Roy iguana(at)prismnet.com
C-22             1972    1473  Reaching To My Dream Rochester, NY        Justin T. Pomietlarz Jpomietlarz(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1507  Quiet Riot         Sault Ste Marie, MI    Bary & Mindy Cote bcote(at)30below.com
C-22             1968    1511  U-More             Valleyfield,  Quebec   Steve & Mari Anderson callsteve(at)royallepage.ca  
C-22             1971    1516                     Waterford, CT          George Volkman VOLKMAN67(at)aol.com
C-22             1971    1534  Laffin' Place      Norfolk, VA            Nellie Hayse & Janet Ridenour kimjanet1(at)msn.com
C-22             1971    1540  Crimson Hokie      Smith Mt. Lake, VA     Roger Wehner rowehner(at)vt.edu
C-22             197?          Saludos            Boat Harbour, BC CAN   Hugh & Carol Bathgate bathgate(at)island.net
C-22             1973          Sabu               Marina del Rey, CA     Joe Chan joe(at)joechan.net (Robert McCreary rm(at)american-sailing.com)
C-22             1973          Orange Roughfy     Port Isabel, TX        (yachtworld 6/2006)
C-22Y            197?     114  Heartbeat          Rockingham, W. Aust./  Cheryl Smythe cherjon(at)indigo.net.au (was Janise)
C-22             1976   CY321  Pegasus            Melbourne, Austrailia  Capt'ns Steve Ferry & Ross stevef(at)mail.mpx.com.au
C-22             1977                             Brisbane, Austrailia   Craig Patterson, patto961(at)bigpond.com.au
C-23T            1974       3  Marlinda           Newport Beach, CA      the Brandts  Marlin.brandt(at)charterfunding.c
C-23T            197           Escäpé             Solomons Island, MD    Mike mjhohn(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            1974          Breaking Wind      Warwick, RI            Guenther DerManelian bonnie-guenther(at)cox.net
C-23T            1972          Homeward Bound     Narragansett Bay, RI   (po was Marc MPas121511(at)aol.com)
C-23T            1973     505  Solitude           Austin, TX             Kevin Hegarty hegarty(at)mail.utexas.edu
C-23T            1973      29  Therapy            Placitas, NM           Jim, Carrie, Sarah, & Perri McPhee jmcphee(at)comcast.net
C-23T            197?      37  Full Measure       Sebastopol, CA         Roger Klein sailingdvm(at)aol.com
C-23T            1973      39  unnamed            Newberg, OR            Mark MarKell Type46(at)micro-engineering.com
C-23T            1973      50  Bay Bee            Oriental, NC           
C-23T            1973      61  Zena               Crofton, NE            Ben Bugg zena-23(at)juno.com
C-23T            1971      62  Pinguina           Elephante Butte, NM    (po Jim Grainger nelleg(at)taosnet.com)
C-23T                          Meltemi            North Lauderdale, FL   Richard Footitt journey(at)singingdrum.com     
C-23T            1973      69  Anywhere Is...     Mobile, AL             Robert Edwards redwardsjr001(at)msn.com & Amanda Cox r1100rz(at)msn.com
C-23T            1973      70                     Long Beach, CA         Dick Beck potterzen(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            1973      70                     Alimitos Bay, CA       Rick Cromwell (rickcr19(at)yahoo.com)
C-23T            1973          Love & Luck        Gunnison, CO           Rick Maurer rmaurerjr(at)hotmail.com
C-23T            1973      77                     Phoenix, AZ            John Connell beezer_john(at)hotmail.com
C-23T            1973      80  Tootie             Rockport, TX           Louis Larrey Llarrey(at)PSP.com
C-23T            1973      81  Pseudorca          Tarpon Spring, FL      (po Dennis Denninger DDENN113(at)Aol.com )
C-23T            1974      83  Easy Wind          Columbia, MO           Larry Coats sailtrash(at)aol.com
C-23T            1974      92  Kathryn Ann        Channel Islands, CA    Stephen & Kathryn Brady Thebradyclan4(at)aol.com  
C-23T            1973     108  Alter Ego          North East, MD         po was Gene Kredensor trkman2(at)aol.com
C-23T            1973     107  Scorpion Dream     North East, MD         Chuck & Lorraine Bender chuck(at)acanthus.com
C-23T            1973     115  Delicious          Westport, CT           Roger Chatfield r.chatfield(at)snet.net (for sale on eBay 5/2005)
C-23T            1974          Dutch Treat        Racine, WI             (for sale on eBay 9/2003)
C-23T            1974     121  Truly              Demotte, IN            Timothy Hildebrand TEENY1(at)prodigy.net
C-23T            1974     124  Lifestyles         Bonifay, FL            Wayne Rowlett captwer(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            197?     130  Nauti-Lady         Percy Priest Lake, TN  Marcus Bates Jr. jrbates(at)bellsouth.net
C-23T (scrapped) 1974     138                     MI                     Ron Postma boatnbasil(at)voyager.net
C-23T            1974     149  Grizzly            Connersville, IN       Phil Bauer (co/D Bauer prolaser(at)peoplepc.com) (po Imanuel Portalatin Cadeau de Dieu)
C-23T            1974     171  Rhapsody in Blue   Boonsboro, MD          Christopher & Lindsay Rhoderick columbia23(at)verizon.net
C-23T            1974     173  Elysuim            Jacksonville, FL       Peter P. Marks ppmarks(at)aol.com
C-23T            1976     176  Cariad             Hobart, Tasmania       Alan Edmondson Al's mail alan_ed(at)bigpond.com
C-23T            1976     181  Fortunate Son      Erie, PA               Aaron Ackerman Hurst96(at)aol.com
C-23T            1974     184  Therapy            Wickford, RI           (PO was Paul Rondina)
C-23T            1974     193  La Vie             Stevens, PA            John R. Rutt jrutt(at)cnh.com
C-23T            1974    4195  Sarabande          Bradenton, FL          Richard A. Manson manson99(at)gte.net
C-23T            1974     196  hull 196           Cranston, RI           (for sale on eBay 9/2005)
C-23T Sailcraftr 1974     210  Temptress          Gull Lake, MN          Mike Dwyer mcdwyer(at)uslink.net (hull 201?)
C-23T            1974     212  Desert Shuttle     Mesa, AZ               Jeff Honken jhonken(at)webdsp.com
C-23T            1974     234  Legacy             Eaton, NY              Bob Applegate Lindyapps(at)cs.com
C-23T            1974     236  Sweet Pea          Port Orchard, WA       (PO Andrea McDonald)
C-23T            1974     241  Perpetual Motion   San Antonio, TX        Justin Daniels jkdaniesl16(at)gmail.com
C-23T            1974     248                     Lake Mead, NV          Allan Hutt allanhutt(at)earthlink.net
C-23T            1974     273  Saecula                                   Ean C. Baker ean.baker(at)me.com
C-23T            1974     274  Egret              Cape Coral, FL         Mark & Betsy Kelly markek (at) comcast.net (po Walter Duke wduke(at)onearrow.net)
C-23T            1974     279  Champagne Lady     Pensacola, FL          Roberta Kuder Capnkoot(at)aol.com
C-23T            1974     280  Rhapsody           Foley, AL              Don Rickles (no, not that one) donrickles(at)centurytel.net
C-23T            1974     283  Wendy              Stockton, CA           Lila Jean Primm primmlj(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            1974     285  Tango              Lake Geneva, WI        Len Walker, lwalker(at)mchenry.edu
C-23T            1974     290  Mz Huff n Puff II  Panama City, FL        (po Glenda & Bill Hinson MzHuffnPuff23(at)aol.com HinsonLiz(at)aol.com)
C-23T            1974     294  Dayenu                                    Judy & John Murphy judy_murphy(at)att.net
C-23T            1974     299                     Hope, MI               Mike & Nancy Kressler Kres(at)avci.net
C-23T            1972    4301  Reef Runner        Oriental, NC           Bill Wells  WSW19(at)aol.com
C-23T            1974    4320  Knight Life        Connersville, IN       Doug Bauer prolaser(at)peoplepc.com
C-23T            1975    5342  hull 342           Newark, DE             (eBay 5/05)
C-23T            1975    5355  no name            Conowingo, MD          (eBay 7/06)
C-23T            1975          Elena              Brigantine, NJ         Arek Cavusoglu armaca(at)earthlink.net
C-23T            1975    6357  Gem                Pensacola, FL          Charles & Linda Bourne cbourne(at)sprynet.com
C-23T            1975    6359  First Lady         Decatur, AL            John and Kelly Perry perryaviation(at)charter.net
C-23T            1975     365  Lyra               Ft. Pierce, FL         Sam and Terry Miller samtermiller(at)msn.com
C-23T            1976    6368  Lizzy G            Panama City, FL        Glenda Hinson  sailorladyliz(at)bellsouth.net
C-23T            1974     374  Arcadian Too       West Point, NY         Justin and Cathy Platt   boundless(at)hotmail.com
C-23T            1975          Escampette         Shelter Island, NY     Roger McKeon regormckeon(at)hotmail.com
C-23T            1975    6377                     Exton, PA              Paul Lacon placon(at)comcast.net
C-23T            1975    6381  Stormin'           Babylon, NY            Norman Rafsol normrafsol(at)optonline.com
C-23T            1975     383  Summer Dawn        Danversport, MA        Bill Pinksten billpink(at)msn.com
C-23T            1976     384                     Ocean City, MD         Robert Nichols ranwithrsd(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            1976    6403  Borrowed Axe       Lexington, NC          Nat Angell nangell(at)lexcominc.net
C-23T            1976     404  Fresh Start        Traverse City, MI      Chris & Joan Lange clange(at)macrevolution.com (po Kathy & Jeff Alandt kathnjeff(at)juno.com)
C-23T            1974     416  Breaking Wind      Boise, ID              Ty Morrison tym(at)scjalliance.com (po Russ Moore rcmoore(at)micron.net)
C-23T            1974     417  Panacea            Las Vegas, NV          (po were Richard & Anna Leonard spl(at)sierra.net spl(at)cheerful.com)
C-23T            1974     421  Prairie Breeze     Stony Plain, Alb. Can. Martin and Betty Forster bforster(at)interbaun.com
C-23T            1977     422  Agapi Ploio        Placerville, CA        Gene & Betsy Bowen higene(at)brat.com
C-23T            1975     423  La Mancha          Bodkin Creek, MD       Michael & Laura Lindsay kinglindsay(at)yahoo.com
C-23T            1974     424                     Boulder City, NV       JP Morgan BALISTICBULLET13(at)aol.com
C-23T            1977     436  Old Fateful        Redondo Beach, CA      Philip Stitch pestitch(at)msn.com
C-23T            1974     438  Tamarii Ta'u       Templeton, CA          Chris & Lisa Davis  chris(at)kb6ce.net
C-23T            1974     448  Esther Rose        Lake Tahoe, NV         (po Ted Fuetsch)
C-23T            1974     452  Joy                Lake Pepin, MN         Lonita (Loni) Fortier ljfortier(at)earthlink.net
C-23T                          Tally Ho           Tarpon Springs, FL     Larry Conroy mainsail7(at)webtv.net
C-23T                                             Tallahassee, FL        Bob Fulford bobfulford(at)nettally.com 
C-23T            1974     476  hull476            Oriental, NC           (for sale Yachtworld.com 1/2004)
C-23T            197      636  hull636                      NC           counterpirate(at)yahoo.com

Stockton, CA, Challenger Fleet; Nancy Farnum, Captain  Stockton Sailing Club
Challenger       1962       3  Cold Duck          Stockton, CA           Larry Burton (po was Broc Stenman bsten(at)mbay.net)
Challenger       1963      34  Diablo             Stockton, CA           Robert Montague (POs were Greg, Andy, & Noe Goodman)
Challenger       196?      52  Boundless          Stockton, CA           (Stockton SC race results)
Challenger       1963      58  No Effort          Stockton, CA           Shawn & Kathleen Hester (po was Carl Littlefield, El9)
Challenger       1963      73  Freebird           Stockton, CA           Paul Berglund (PO was Liam O'Flaherty was listed as 72)
Challenger       1964     183  Faith              Stockton, CA           Bill Canepa wccanepa(at)sbcglobal.net 
Challenger                233  Breeze             Stockton, CA           Carl & Christine Peterson simpleinstruments(at)comcast.net  (po Mendel & Lisa Uychutin; Russell Rapp, Valerie Schuchard)
Challenger                250  River Challenge    Stockton, CA           Walter & Joyce Andrews (po Michael Stefani mike-stefani(at)worldnet.att.net was Dog House)
Challenger                265  Badora             Stockton, CA           Nancy Werner (po Sean Haas)
Challenger                275  Jim                Stockton, CA           Jim Van Dyke (po Lisa Ballentine, Nicole Weiss & Mendell Uychutin was Respite)
Challenger                286  Times Roman        Stockton, CA           Linda Driver, Phil Hendrix & Alex Holman phendrix(at)sjdccd.cc.caus
Challenger       1965     301  iBoat              Stockton, CA           Ron & Kathleen Lofstrom, ronlofstrom2(at)mac.com (po Peggy & Steve Ageson, ex Dreamer)
Challenger                316  Buttercup          Stockton, CA           Jim Bertilacchi
Challenger                317  Amazing Grace      Stockton, CA           Elizabeth Jade Wong ejadewong(at)hotmail.com
Challenger                322  Harmony            Stockton, CA           Nancy Farnum & Linda Farris (po Steve & Debbie Bahnsen was Unnatural Act)
Challenger                328  Libertine          Stockton, CA           Debra Knutsen, Dana Smith
Challenger                339  Bozo on Parade     West Hills, CA         Richard Thompson 
Challenger                524  Kamika             Stockton, CA           David & Rose Eberhard Valkyrie654(at)aol.com 
Challenger       196?  (4495)  Gunga Din          Stockton, CA           (Stockton SC race results)

Challenger       196?          Time Out                                  (po Mike Riley)
Challenger       196?          Sea Quest          Yorktown, VA           Joseph J. Imburgia, Jr. pcsltd(at)pcs-control.com
Challenger       196?          Spirit Healer      Hampton Beach, NH      Melissa Gates jeep_girl_2929(at)yahoo.com
Challenger       196?          At Last            Portsmouth, NH         Karen sailkat(at)comcast.net (po Peters P. Jones Peters.Jones(at)LibertyMutual.com ex John B)
Challenger       196?          Sanity Solution    North East, MD         (NE Yacht Sales 3/2002)
Challenger     '62 Glasslam 1  Love Den           Marina del Rey, CA     Lynda Lou & Dennis Bouch LoveLouLyrics(at)compuserve.com
Challenger       1963       5  Añejo              St. Joseph, MI         George Istok george(at)siglan.com (was Great Laker)
Challenger       1963      10                                            (oo Harry Moss)
Challenger       1963      14  Surprise                                  (oo Don Sullivan)
Challenger       196?      24  Red Dawn                                  David Hand greenhand1(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1963      37                     Ventura County, CA     Bill Imielski crclwag(at)comcast.net
Challenger       1963      38                     SC                     Jason A. Sprock caesar2i9(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1963      40                                            (oo George Moore)
Challenger       1963      46  Merry Mary         San Diego, CA          (po Robert G. & Carla L. Nowak rgnowak(at)home.com)
Challenger       1963          click here         Marina del Rey, CA     (for sale on eBay 2/10/2003 jjreilly)
Challenger       1963                             Tacoma, WA             John john(at)marinegraphics.com
Challenger       1963      49  Sinjins Sanctuary  San Pedro, CA          (po Sinjin Stevens st.augustinesaint(at)yahoo.com, Larry Mills, Vicki and Alan. ex Gypsy Queen)
Challenger       1964      50  Prelude            Ryer Island, CA        Bob Wessel bobwessel(at)hotmail.com (ex Wind Spirit, po Rob Robinson rob2rex(at)pacbell.net)
Challenger       1963      63                     Pt. Richmond, CA       Sue Nelson PtRichSue(at)aol.com
Challenger       1963      69  Perfect Pitch      Victoria, BC Canada    Roy Banner roybanner(at)home.com
Challenger       1963      74  Ouroboros          Elephant Butte, NM     Bruce Krohn kbjmjrb(at)cs.com
Challenger       1963      76  Paphian            San Francisco, CA      Tony Dimond AD803(at)aol.com
Challenger       196?      82  Wild Goose         Long Beach, CA         Dick and Sandra Boyum dicknsan(at)pacbell.net
Challenger       1963      87                     Redondo Beach, CA      Warren Shoun wbnb(at)earthlink.net
Challenger       1963      90  Ellisa                                    (oo Foster Moore?)
Challenger       1963      92                     Santa Monica, CA       Lorin E. Owens owensl(at)mta.net and Doyle R. Cassity Weldcheck(at)aol.com
Challenger       1963      93  Maja               Baltimore, MD          Alex Castro castroa(at)mindspring.com
Challenger       1963     102  Matilda            Albemarle Sound, NC    Jack Lyons jlyons(at)fedac.com
Challenger       1963                             Detroit, MI            Thom Gault TJGAULT(at)aol.com
Challenger                     DreamTime          King Harbor, CA        Warren D. Shoun wbnb(at)earthlink.net
Challenger                     Jessica                                   (PO was Douglas Thorpe Southbound69(at)hotmail.com)
Challenger       1964          Rhodos             Winchester Bay, OR     Bill Wickland wackyb(at)oregonfcu.com
Challenger       1964     119  Divorce Recovery   San Diego, CA          Larry Finnerty LFinnerty(at)brwncald.com
Challenger       196?     134  Red Boat           San Diego, CA          Bill Fame kb7xi(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1963     145  Lemon Drop         Redwood City, CA       Jack Everett and Stephanie Everett jeverete.ee72(at)gtalumni.org
Challenger       1963     155  Windwitch          Channel Islands, CA    Christopher Rice CJRBURNER(at)cs.com (oo Vern Baker)
Challenger       1963     156  Taurus             Redondo Beach, CA      Chris Toomey chrisabideth(at)yahoo.com
Challenger       1964     160  Muckle Fane        Greenwich, CT          Seth M. Lynn seth(at)byramcapital.com
Challenger       1963     170  CC Rider           Chula Vista, CA        Art Pinnell (reported by Mike Fellows)
Challenger       1965     175  Salty Mutt         Long Island, NY        Joekristajoe(at)aol.com
Challenger       1968     177  Vicson             Pasadena, MD           Robert Miller columbia_u2(at)yahoo.com, Mike Viai
Challenger       1964     178  Wind               Aberdeen, ID           Joel & Elaine Blik patriotinsurance(at)dcdi.net  (ex Chardonnais)
Challenger       1964     188  SeaBun             Clear Lake Shores, TX  Cindie G. cg(at)gritzie.com
Challenger       196?     189                     Marina del Rey, CA     (reported by Chris Toomey)
Challenger       1964     194  Solitude           Port Angeles, WA       Ron & Carolee Bauman rdbauman(at)tscnet.com (po was Bonnie & Dennis Lancaster dllbjl(at)attbi.com dllbjl(at)home.com)
Challenger       1965     204  Bide A While       Scituate, RI           Lynn Tempest scitamb.1(at)juno.com
Challenger       1964     211  Oh No              New Orleans, LA        Renen Barrett rcbswerv(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1965     212  Upton              Corpus Christi, TX     W.C. "Craig" Sartwelle Jr. cwde(at)sbcglobal.net (po Mark Johnson, was Nimar)
Challenger       1965     214  Nimar              Lake Conroe, TX        Mark Johnson mjohnson(at)castexenergy.com
Challenger       1965                             Hazlet, NJ             John & Samie Noonan SAILORJOHN(at)webtv.net
Challenger       196?     239                     Sag Harbor, NJ         Lou Diamond captaindiamond(at)yahoo.com
Challenger       1966     255                     Billerica, MA          Tom Walsh PWalsh1873(at)aol.com
Challenger       1965     256  Faith              Florence, AL           John O. Glasscock jog(at)quixnet.net
Challenger       1967     260  Challenger II                             (oo. Ed Feo)
Challenger       1964     261  Cinnamon Girl      San Pedro, CA          John W. equineloverboy(at)yahoo.com (po Larry Mills lrmills2000(at)yahoo.com)
Challenger       1967     273  Paw Pause          Mission Bay, CA        Victoria Simao strategies(at)home.com
Challenger       1965     281  Tres Amigos        Channel Islands, CA    (PO was Claudio Pagan cpagan-ca(at)postoffice.worldnet.att.net)
Challenger       1965     283  Rowdy                                     (oo was Harry DeWar)
Challenger       196      299                                            Tony Almeida skeet83951(at)yahoo.com
Challenger       1965     302  Ginger Lee         San Diego, CA          Kal Restom krestom1978(at)yahoo.com (po Bob Serling bserling(at)adelphia.net)
Challenger       196?     309  Hydro Therapy      Oklahoma City, OK      Glede Holman cuevabuceo(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1965     319  All Right Now      Newport Beach, CA      James W. Kroeger jameswk1(at)msn.com
Challenger       1965     325  click here         Long Beach, CA         (being scrapped 4/2003 per Dick Boyum)
Challenger       1965     326                     Port Townsend, WA      Brian & Jaime Smith Namwn(at)aol.com
Challenger       1964     330  Frauline           Pickerington, OH       Elizabeth and John Stamets jstamets(at)byteink.com (po Candy & Mike List candace.list(at)wmich.edu, Richard Green)
Challenger       1965     340  Tobiuo Maru        San Mateo, CA          Timothy Ahern cressidivers(at)hotmail.com
Challenger       1965     372  Forever Endeavour  Merrit Island, FL      Chris Wickersham will592(at)hotmail.com (was Shangri-La)
Challenger       1966     386  Grey Goose         Charleston, SC         Jason A. Sprock jasprock(at)bluebottle.com 
Challenger       1966     401  Windsong           Marina del Rey, CA     Joe Cowan sjoec(at)adelphia.net
Challenger       1966          hull #465          Hayes, VA              (for sale Yachtworld)
Challenger       1966     420  Boogie Thing       Round Pond, ME         Beth Osmer ego(at)midcoast.com (ex Teal)
Challenger       1966     475  Tranquility        Pasadena, MD           (po Mike Brown)
Challenger       1965     480  Doxy               Sneads Ferry, NC       Roger Reavis & Catherine Colvin rreavis(at)cisco.com
Challenger       1966     497  Pura Vida          Lake Monticello, SC    Drew bigwall510(at)netzero.com (po Ed & Karen Colie boatparts(at)mindspring.com, ex Oya B)
Challenger       1966     501  unknown            Downingtown, PA        (eBay 8/06)
Challenger       1966     506  Radical C-Y        Elk River, PA          Dave Spengler dspengler(at)comcast.net (po Larry Wilson radicalcy(at)yahoo.com, Nathan Ott)
Challenger       1966     507  Empty Pockets      Baltimore, MD          Bill Adams columbia.challenger.66(at)att.net
Challenger       1966     517  Seaya              Leesburg, GA           Carl Hoffman leeh250(at)yahoo.com (po Rusty rusty(at)marystruck.com, ex Windsong)
Challenger       1966     529  Contessa           San Francisco, CA      Hugh & Rachel, Jason & Moira (aka f³) kiptude(at)pacbell.net;
Challenger       1966     532                     Ventura, CA            Dean SEEWORLD41(at)aol.com
Challenger       1967     536  Surgeon            St. Joseph,MI          George Istok (po Ian Montgomery)
Challenger       1966     539  Bearded Lady       Boston, MA             Jim Hight jonathanjb(at)earthlink.net 
Challenger       1965     581                                            Perry J Beebe perry.beebe(at)gte.net
Challenger       1967          Grouper            San Pedro, CA          Gerald Beltran DiveNSailr(at)aol.com
Challenger       1967          clickhere          the keys, FL           Jim Rabbitt jim_from_fla(at)yahoo.com
Challenger       1966     807  clickhere          Bush River, MD         Bill Adams columbia.challenger.66(at)att.net (ebay 6/06)
C-24             196?          Tola                                      (po Mike & Karen Riley circumnavigated)
C-24             196?                             Sarasota, FL           Richard Cross
C-24             196?          Puffin             Alameda, CA            (reported by Chris Toomey)
C-24             1962       9  Akeu               Kailua-Kona, HI        Steve Wells Wellstep(at)aol.com
C-24             1962      24                     Orange County, CA      (PO was Brett Contreras)
C-24             1963      29  Intrigue           Kingston, WA           David & Lea Anna Bacon bacondla(at)tscnet.com
C-24             1963      30  Pandora            San Diego, CA          Irwin Lee eelniwri(at)aol.com
C-24             1963      33  Mariah             Channel Isl Harbor, CA Steve Gable bsgable(at)msn.com
C-24             1963      40                     Brick, NJ              Ken Nieuwenhuis PeakEnv(at)compuserve.com
C-24             1963      44  Laura              San Francisco, CA      Jill Anderson jevonnea(at)webtv.net
C-24             1963      44  Bora Bora          Huntington Beach, CA   (eBay 12/06 - listed as a Contender boatangel)
C-24             1963      66  Aphrodite                                 Rick Laws patlaws(at)juno.com
C-24             1963          Peach              Alamitos Bay, CA       Bob Hoyman b_hoyman(at)yahoo.com 
C-24             1964                             Coronado, CA           Larry Beach sailbatnite(at)aol.com larry.beach(at)qatar.army.mil 
C-24             1964      73  Interim            Pittsburg, CA          Philip Lee "Spike" Whiting draka(at)tdl.com
C-24             1963      82                                            Billie Rylance billie1(at)tds.net
C-24             1963     100  Second Wind        Dana Point, CA         Kelly Mendonsa klm(at)fea.net
C-24             196?     108  Opa's Dream        Fremont Lake, WY       Rod & Leslie Rozier wrozier(at)wyoming.com
C-24             1963     109  Const              Los Angeles, CA        Eric Dodson ewdcaptainq(at)yahoo.com
C-24             1964                             Santa Cruz, CA         Chris Dusa cld_h201(at)sbcglobal.net
C-24             1964          Glorious                                  Lester Aradi aradi(at)aol.com
C-24             1964     115  2nd Wind           Corrotoman River, VA   Cliff Reynolds & Lois Stephens lstephns(at)swva.net
C-24             1964     121                     New Port Richey, FL    Kerry Culpepper mantle(at)inassoc.com
C-24             1965     126  Siskiwit           Wixom, MI              Mark Bradley mbradley(at)cdims.com
C-24             1964     128  Bluebird           San Pedro, CA          Daniel Castrillo travelindan(at)earthlink.net
C-24             1964     131  Butcher Bird       Wilmington, CA         William Whiddon WilliamWhiddon(at)aol.com (PO was Mark & Dee DeVilbiss nikolaii(at)earthlink.net Cowboy, Lullabye)
C-24             1964     134  Katrina            Midway, UT             Steve & Karen Ridge prcpost.sridge(at)state.ut.us
C-24             1964     148  Sierra Drifter     San Francisco, CA      Joseph & Helena Soler kals(at)qnet.com
C-24             1964     152  Ship of Fools      Sarasota, FL           Gabriel Pacyniak & Elizabeth Elia gpacynia(at)virtu.sar.usf.edu
C-24             1964     157  Binary             Galesville, MD         Todd & Zisa Walton walton(at)clark.net (PO was Eric White svcompassrose(at)cox.net, oo Pat Coyle)
C-24             1964          Nina               Ramrod Key, FL         Art Rogers clewlessinparadise(at)hotmail.com
C-24             1965          Tenacious          Chicago, IL            Admiral Annie & deckhand Rob Trowbridge rtrowb65(at)comcast.net
C-24             1965          Picaro             Westport, CT           Christian T. Planton  plantonc(at)wilton.k12.ct.us
C-24             1965          Salvation          Bridge City, TX        for sale BoatTrader online 11/2002
C-24             1965          Mystic Rythms      Ventura, CA            James & Susan Wesley  tjwesley(at)msn.com
C-24             1965                             Baltimore, MD          Galen Gibson galen103(at)hotmail.com oxc1(at)email.msn.com
C-24             1965     166  Brave Combo        Oklahoma City, OK      Jeff jbriley(at)sbcglobal.net (ex Rebecca po Timothy Moses saildude1955(at)yahoo.com)
C-24             1965     188  Salt               Casco Bay, ME           Jacob & Emily Roberson, Moses Sabina & Anna Hochstedler Roberson.jacob(at)gmail.com, mosessabina(at)yahoo.com (Ian S. Moriarty moriartyi(at)hotmail.com, Benjamin Welch welch_benjamin(at)yahoo.com)
C-24             1966     193  Jastu              Cedar Point, OH        (Lloyd's Register '72 William J Jansheski)
C-24             1965     210                     Biddeford, ME          Ron Cormier rcormier(at)maine.rr.com
C-24             1966     212  Chelsea Too        San Francisco, CA      Jim Mountford sailingjim(at)earthlink.net
C-24             1966     213                                            Isabelle Bourgault isabelle.bourgault(at)globetrotter.net 
C-24             1966          Ruby               Hull, MA               John jv1(at)gis.net
C-24             1966     253                     St.Petersburg, FL      Pattie PattiesPix(at)aol.com
C-24             1965     257  Sailaway           Baltimore, MD          Smiths Porsche914va(at)aol.com (po Brian Schexnayder bayoubri(at)aol.com)
C-24             1966     260  Ripple             Georgetown, MD         Mike Hughes mhughes(at)nexl.com  (po Jim Craver; David & Cynthia Auld c-24(at)atnmail.com Zephyr)
C-24             1966     261  Dreams             Hingham, MA            Tim Long tmileslong(at)aol.com John Keville (po David Paine David_Paine(at)postoffice.brown.edu Gull  )
C-24             1966     266                     Kemah, TX              Willem & Betty Bezemer WBEZEMER(at)SWBELL.NET
C-24(parted out) 1966     268                     Sarasota, VL           B Blake SailStrait1(at)yahoo.com (parted out 7/2003)
C-24             1966     275  Blue Jeanne        Catawba Island, OH     John Bresnan bresnan(at)bright.net
C-24             1966     283                     Eureka Springs, AR     Richard Roberts richard(at)xanzamar.com
C-24             1966     285  Freya              Niantic, CT            Robert Stack (rstack eBay 8/05 po Matthias Klemm sv.freya(at)mkhome.biz, Ernie Taglioni sail 217?)
C-24             1966          My Time            New Port Richey, FL    (po Danny danny(at)hanff.com)
C-24             1967     300  Surprise           Point Richmond, CA     Mathew Turns tumd(at)chevron.com (po Randall Reeves rreeves(at)opentable.com)
C-24             1967          Blue Moon          Coconut Grove, FL      (sold on eBay 10/03)
C-24             1967          Refuge             Milwaukee, WI          Neal Pritchett notpurfect(at)earthlink.net
C-24             1967          Soulmate           Wiscasset, ME          (PO was Nickie Walsh sailing4life(at)yahoo.com)
C-24             1967          Da Capo            Yorktown, VA           Kathyrn Knull & Josh West ktinva(at)yahoo.com jcwestk2(at)juno.com
C-24             1967          Riff Raff          Roanoke, VA            Pete Murphy petemurphy53(at)hotmail.com
C-24             1969                             Point San Pablo, CA    Thomas Buskirk captianfester(at)yahoo.com 
Contender        196           Evolution          Monterey, CA           C D cld_h20(at)hotmail.com
Contender        1964       2  Sappho             Clearwater Beach, FL   JoAnn Sullivan joann_sullivan(at)hotmail.com
Contender        1963       3  Jalapeno           Monterey,CA            Broc Stenman bsten(at)mbay.net
Contender        1965       3  For Sail           Brooklyn, NY           Ritchie ratch101(at)aol.com (po Scott Flynn FLYNNSandL(at)aol.com)
Contender        1966       5  Owl                Burlington, VT         Genevieve genv8(at)yahoo.com (oo Mr. Cahill Lady Blanka, Dan Leary Mary T'81-'82, Richard Bernstein '82-'87, Louis Mannie Lionni LML(at)05401.com '87-05)
Contender        1965          Free Wind          Urbanna, VA            po Cheryl D freewind24(at)yahoo.com
Contender        1965                             Upper Nyack, NY        jsmuir(at)verizon.net
Contender        196           Pegasus            Mystic Islands, NJ     
Contender        1964      37  Aries              Annapolis, MD          Heath Berlin heathberlin(at)hotmail.com HBerlin(at)opd.state.md.us 
Contender        1965      38  Rozinante          North East River, MD   Glenn McBride gmcbee(at)aol.com ROZNTE.net
Contender        196?      46                     Buffalo, NY            John Harmon  HarmonJW(at)webtv.net  
Contender        196?      51  for sale           Hampton, VA            Rob Schlosser RSchlosser(at)hrsd.com (55 on rudder post casting) 
Contender        1965      58                     Vero Beach, FL         Greg Dyer GDyer69831(at)hotmail.com
Contender        1966      60  Dragonfly          Port Maitland, Canada  Robert Bailey (po "Capt Jim" and Debbie Gardner iampeterpan(at)worldnet.att.net, Matthias Klemm matt(at)pcwerks.net, ex. Lilla Sötnos, Duncan Raymond & Stacey-Jo raymond.d(at)worldnet.att.net)
Contender        1965      71  High Spirit        Lacolle, QC            Renaud Bruna renaudbruna(at)gmail.com 
Contender        1966      76                                            John R. Mance, M.D. jrm(at)advnet.net
Contender        1965      76  Salty Lady         Wayzata, MN            Allan Brittle abrittle(at)iaxs.net (po Derek Van Wyk derekvanwyk(at)hargray.com, ex Puffin)
Contender        1965      79  Catherine's Grace  Ocean City, NJ         Bob & Kim Raspa rpraspa(at)bellatlantic.net
Contender        1966      85                     Milwaukee, WI          Scott Sommer ssommer(at)execpc.com
Contender        1965      92  Capt' -n- Diet     Solomons Island, MD    Chris Guldi & Sara Loughry guldicx(at)us.hsanet.net
Contender        1965     100  Surprising Tern    Tracey's Landing, MD   George Stuteville gstut(at)ix.netcom.com (po Hooper & Ellen Harris tabascocapt(at)yahoo.com Tabasco, po was Bill Palmer/Nan Long)
Contender        1968     106                     High Point, NC         (po Catherine Wheeler cbw27262(at)aol.com)
Contender        1965     114  Ooh-Rah            Barlows Landing, MA    (POs were Captain Paul & Admiral Susan Bennett)
Contender        1967     115                     Bodkin Creek, MD       (po Jimmy & Ashley Haines shrkldy99(at)yahoo.com)
Contndr lost '06 196?     116  Friday's Girl      Montreal, CAN          Jean Bruneau & Beatriz Lopez vizart(at)videotron.ca (ex. Gaviota)
Contender        1965     120  Katlyn             Mantaloking, NJ        Mike Dougherty Dogger 55(at)Hotmail.com (ex Dulcita)
Contender        1965     123  Kairos             Toronto, CAN           JP Miles pickettm(at)cavtel.net
Contender        1965     124                                            Timothy Sims timsims2003(at)yahoo.com
Contender        1965     129                     Toronto, CAN           Marko Por franmar_slo(at)yahoo.ca (po Rob MacDonnell robertm(at)ils.net)
Contender        196?     132  Purfect Alibi      Gulfort, MS            (po Jonathan Harris JGHarris2(at)aol.com)
Contender        1965     137  Ashley June        Middle River, MD       Scott O'Hearen (po Hayden & Shelly Foy laser91(at)earthlink.net)
Contender        1965          no name            Sturgeon Bay, WI       (for sale Yachtworld 4/05)
Contender        1966          Persuasion         Port Washington, NY    Matt Straus Captainstraus(at)aol.com
Contender        1966          Raven              Aquinnah MA            Juli & Mike Mahoney JulianneMahoney(at)aol.com
Contender        1966          Gandalf            Buzzards Bay, MA       David W. Faulkner FaulknerCSJ(at)aol.com
Contender        1966     140                     Houston/Galveston, TX  Jason Sutch jsutch(at)mail.com
Contender        1966     141  Sunstar            Bourne, MA             (po was Bob Lattanzio robert_j_lattanzio(at)dom.com - contact if you see this boat)
Contender        1966     142  Unsub              Kingston, OK           Bob S. Stacispr(at)aol.com
Contender        1966     148  Empty Sea          Decatur, AL            Bentlye Vaughn bvaughan(at)hiwaay.net (po Mark Connell MTCATLAW(at)aol.com, Ernie J. Colavito erniejc(at)bellatlantic.net < ex Quiet Time)
Contender        1966          Minnow             Newburyport, MA        Serge Loginowski sergey(at)stemail.nio.dec.com
Contender        196      150  Bourree            New Orleans, LA        Dan Dandedoell(at)cox.net
Contender        1967     151  R'treat            Portland, OR           donated to sea scouts 1/05 (po Nathan Conner; Rick & Rachelle McCarthy macpac1(at)earthlink.net)
Contender        1966     154  Oldark             Scotch Plains, NJ      Cheryl & Dennis Bourdeau (po, "Capt Jim" and Debbie Gardner iampeterpan(at)worldnet.att.net was Neil Smith, ppo John Casko, was Rosebud)
Contender        1966     156  Mandatory          Northeast, MD          William Battersby W.Battersby(at)Freightek.com (POs: Jason Schechner, Richard McMillan)
Contender        1966     162  First Draft        Fairhaven, MA          Roger Galipeau frontandcenter(at)earthlink.net
Contender        1966     164  Instant Karma      Mason Neck, VA         Kirstin Bashara kbashara(at)cox.net
Contender        1966     166  Southern Yankee    Neptune Beach, Fl      Bob Rhodin  rhodin_a(at)firn.edu
Contender        1966     167  no name            Lake Lanier, GA        Stewart Blakley sblakley31(at)excite.com
Contender        1966     170                                            Jeff Rains Jeffrey.Rains(at)tenethealth.com
Contender        1966     175  Sugar              New Port Richey, FL    (for sale on eBay 01/13/2003)
Contender        1966     177  Take Time          Brooklyn, NY           Ron Mitkowski ronmitkowski(at)verizon.net
Contender        1966     180  Summer Solice      Greenwich, NJ          Chris Robbins Chrisnrobbins(at)aol.com
Contender        1966     181  Earnest            Tampa, FL              Mark W. Anticola asicomm1(at)gate.net
Contender        1966     186  Aria               Norfolk, VA            (po was Pamela Burdett)
Contender        1966     189  Plan B                                     Blake Jorgenson brewdogg77(at)yahoo.com  
Contender        1966     193                     Erie, PA               Floyd Titus II titus(at)velocity.net
Contender        1966     201  Lisa Marie         North Port, FL         Al Becker albecker(at)GTE.NET
Contender        1966     219  hull 219           University of RI       for sale by urifoundation.org 1/2002
Contender        1967     226  Puff               Shelburne, VT          Will Ryan willbur25(at)gmail.com po( Wes Cate wcate(at)u32.org)
Contender        1966     227  Singularity        Solomons Island, MD    Gail Moreschi (po Nancy Gardner ngardner(at)sensitivesystems.com, Keith Wilhite)
Contender        1966     234                     Oklahoma City, OK      Steve Bryant steveebryant2000(at)cox.net
Contender        1966     237  Lil Audrey         Lake Sidney Lanier, GA Scott Sneade scottsheade(at)yahoo.com
Contender        1966     256                     Santa Monica Bay, CA   
Contender        1967?         Patience           Cleveland, OH          (for sale on eBay 9/05)
Contender        1967     260  click here         Tarpon Springs, FL     Mauricio & Cayetano Costa netmcg00(at)hotmail.com 
Contender        1967     261  Nantucket Bound    Scituate, MA           Tad Beagley tbeagley(at)yahoo.com
Contender        1967          Full Moon          New Orleans, LA        Robert & Mindy Landry RLa4295125(at)aol.com
Contender        1967          Eclipse            Falmouth, ME           (yachtworld 11/06)
Contender        1967          Kestrel            Newburyport, MA        (po was Malcolm Johnstone malcolmj(at)earthlink.net)
Contender        1969     277  Katywa             Destin, FL             Bill Gough redsails(at)att.net
Contender        1966     283  Close Enough       Washington, DC         James Becker jamesrbecker(at)juno.com
Contender        1967     297  Bullfrog           Miami, FL              (po Roland Montas rolas54(at)earthlink.net rolas(at)bellsouth.net)
Contender        1969     300  Heavens Breeze     Ozello Keys, FL        Mike Carino MCFUNKY5(at)aol.com  (po Bernie NCSABOE(at)aol.com)
Contender        1966     301  Gandalf            Monument Beach, MA     David Faulkner FaulknerCSJ(at)aol.com
Contender        1966     302                     Long Island, NY        Jeff Hendricks jeffhendricks(at)hotmail.com
Contender        1968     312  Old Wave           Bohemia River, MD      (po was Richard McMillan RMcmillan(at)aol.com)
Contender        1966     315  Christell III      Long Beach, MS         Harry "Butch" New HNew(at)Hovensa.com
Contender        1966     320  Asta               Waco, TX               Henry Wright Henry_Wright(at)baylor.edu
Contender        1968     324  click here         VA                      (POs were Tab Bruner, Charles Fitzsimmons)
Contender        1969     328  "C" Fever          Spanish Point, Bermuda Beau Pumphrey (po Ed Gardner, po Rachel & Andrew King Drivedigital(at)comcast.net Das Boot, Winging It, PO Charlie Maute '86-'03)
Contender        1968     329  Luna-Sea           Shore Acres, NJ        Dennis Paradise mail(at)dennismparadise.com(PO was Jack Holroyd, ex Mariellyn, Francie)
Contender        1968     330  Why                Chelsea, NY            Tom Labenski t.labenski(at)nypa.gov
Contender        196?          Swan               North East, MD         (NE Yacht Sales 3/2002)
C-7.6            1978          Andante            Rochester, NY          (Yachtworld 1/07)
C-7.6            1978          Takin' Back        Newport, RI            Ann Johnson mccad(at)cox.net (po George Resnevic GResnevic(at)aol.com)
C-7.6            1978          Tension Tamer      Lake Champlain         Tom Rood upanchor(at)adelphia.net
C-7.6            1978                             Newport, MI            Robert Tiberia robert_tiberia(at)yahoo.com (po Robert Riddle)
C-7.6            1978                             Middle River, MD       Mark Metzler markoe_1(at)netzero.com
C-7.6            1978                             Kemah, TX              childs.mollie(at)cowtown.net
C-7.6            1978          Gov't Work         Bloomington, IN        Eric A. Frey II ericfrey(at)ARaCities.org
C-7.6            1978     108  Onawhim            Henderson Harbor, NY   Rich BROKINDOOR(at)AOL.com
C-7.6            1978     110  Paradachs          Portland, ME           Michael & Winter Robinson, winmar1(at)hotmail.com
C-7.6            1978    8116  hull 8116          Lake Como, FL          (on eBay 3/2006)
C-7.6            1978     129  Short Resort       White Rocks Marina, MD Dan & Nina Dumler ddumler(at)netrax.net
C-7.6            1978     134                     St. Augustine, FL      Bill Parnell DELTAMIKEZEBRA(at)webtv.net (was Horizon)
C-7.6            1978     140  Scooby Doo 2       Isleton, CA            Hal Mintun hal_mintun(at)yahoo.com (po David Nickell david-3d(at)attbi.com, Dave Goss hanzsolo(at)flash.net, ex Millenium Falcon)
C-7.6            1978     144  Irish Mist         Oconto, WI             (on eBay 3/2004) Duane ducanespath(at)yahoo.com 
C-7.6            1978     164  Miss Vickie        unknown                sold to unknown persons po Rick and Connie Lamberson rick(at)bluewateri.net
C-7.6            1977    8169  Cheryl Ann         St. Petersburg, FL     edarmstrong(at)knology.net
C-7.6            1978          Explorer           St. Johns River, FL    Gerry Jones gerrylouj(at)juno.com.
C-7.6            1979                             Sandusky Bay, OH       Mark Young charmlt(at)yahoo.com
C-7.6            1979     180  La Sancha          Fort Myers, FL         Dorin & Shelia Oxender oxender_d(at)popmail.firn.edu
C-7.6            1978    8184  Dream Weaver       Windsor, Ontario       (po Paul Major paul_major(at)wecdsb.on.ca)
C-7.6            1980     189  Que Pasa?          Urbanna, VA            Jim Dendinger dendinje(at)jmu.edu
C-7.6            1979     195  Anam Chara         Lake Lanier, GA        Denis Hearn Cleggan4(at)mindspring.com
C-7.6            1979     197  Joy de Vie         Perdido Key, FL        Ken Hester kdhester(at)bellsouth.net
C-7.6            1979     198  Spiffy II          Kemah, TX              David & Gail Cain davidcain(at)ev1.net
C-7.6            1979     201  Genesis            Alpena, MI             (PO was Doc Kirk)
C-7.6 Aura       1978     204  Prowler II         Winthrop Harbor, IL    (po Daan De Brouckere daan(at)debrouckere.com)
C-7.6            1979     205  Pura Vida          Belleair Beach, FL     Walter William44(at)aol.com
C-7.6            1979     209  Second Wind        Bryceville, FL         Rick Walker sloopsailor(at)bellsouth.net
C-7.6            1979     210  Lollygag           Port Oconto, WI        Dean Holbrook dean(at)deanelectronics.net
C-7.6            1979     251  f.stop             Mobile Bay, AL         Frank Calagaz AgTrader(at)aol.com
C-7.6            1979          Josephine          Austin, TX             Charles Lindergh josephineatx(at)yahoo.com
C-7.6            1979          Windswept          Winthrop Harbor, IL    (for sale Yachtworld 4/05)
C-7.6            1979          Another Matter     Oriental, NC           David & Marty Crump david(at)carolinalawyer.com (was Tara II)
C-7.6            1979          Sailing Naked      Sandusky, OH           Tom Kemp drtommy1(at)aol.com
C-7.6            1979          Spiffy II          Montgomery, TX         (for sale boattraderonline.com 8/05)
C-7.6            1979          Stinger            Sandusky, OH           (po Bob Dianetti rdianetti(at)neo.rr.com)
C-7.6            1979     844  Attitude           Oconto, WI             (for sale http://www.hiseasmarina.com/index.htm 11/04)
C-7.6 (Aura)     1984       2  Taliesyn           Lion's Head, ONT       Ann & William Loghrin loghrin(at)kanservu.ca
C-7.6            1984                                                    Pat Tierney pattierney(at)mindspring.com
C-26             1963          Elsa               Bradenton Beach, FL    Robert Bodell rbodell(at)tampabay.rr.com 
C-26             1964          Thankful 1         L.A. Harbor, CA        Ron Keith RonReno(at)aol.com
C-26             196        1                                            (Gerald Breakstone Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1965       3                                            Bob Harkema's son BHARKEMA(at)aol.com
C-26             1967       7  Vanish             Alameda, CA            Jack Long jack.long(at)ROCHE.COM (Big Scoot Bob Miller, SF, CA Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1964       9  Windborne                                 Mark Jannitto MARK.JANNITTO(at)RIQUON.ANG.AF.MIL
C-26             196       17                                            (Dr. George E. Schonen Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1964      19  Piccina            N. FT. Myers, FL       Chuck & Tina Stewart chuckandtina(at)msn.com (ex Piccina)
C-26             1963      21  Parvati            San Francisco Bay, CA  Haig Mikaelia hmikaeli(at)yahoo.com (po John and Mary Smith Captinjohnpsmith(at)aol.com)
C-26             1965      22                     San Diego, CA          Alan Miller amillerry(at)compuserve.com
C-26             1963      23  JenMarie           Seattle, WA            Tom McPherson & Sharon  Scully tmcpherson(at)uswest.net ssharon2(at)uswest.net
C-26             196?      27  Sea Bear           Port Arthur, TX        Tony Elyas aelyas(at)gt.rr.com (Eugene Hubes 1968/69 Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1962          Simplicity         Marina del Rey, CA     (eBay 6/05 Glasslam)
C-26             196?      30  Te Poti Ra         Comox, BC              DJ Lennox Hartlenn(at)aol.com  
C-26             1965      35  Sea Breeze         Long Beach, CA         Brent Goodrich goodribw(at)pacbell.net (Norman Wyman 1968/69 Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1963      36  Good Faith                                Mark Belknap mbelknap(at)wi.rr.com
C-26             196       38                                            (J.F. Ziegler Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             196           Click Here         North Cape May, NJ     (eBay 5/05)
C-26             1963      40  La Pura Vita                              Nader Hamzei & Terry Engle nhamzeiC26(at)msn.com remove C26 from email address
C-26             196       49                                            (Adolph Beager Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             196       79                                            (James L. Lewis Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             196?      80  Easy Rider         Oakville, Can          Ken Sarson ksarson5(at)cogeco.ca (Dave Williamson 1968/69 Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1964          Meridea Redux      Hempstead Harbor, NY   (po Robert Ott robertofthecove(at)verizon.net)
C-26             1964          click here         So. CA                 Trent davedick(at)pacbell.net
C-26             1964      90  Take Five          Eureka, CA             Jason Wood Woody(at)humboldt1.com(PO was Tom Sheldrake)
C-26             1964     104  Diablo             CA                     (sold by J. Fred Dutton 1968/69 Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             196      112                                            (Bob Rigby Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1964     115  Gutter Scupper     Kent Narrows, MD       Scott Danfelt Zippers350(at)aol.com (po Dick Whaley Cindi)
C-26             1964     130  Love Potion        Gualala, CA            Paul Truelsen k6urg(at)mcn.org (was Mahananana, then Truly)
C-26             1964     132  Amorosa            Huntington Beach, CA   Ken Plumb kennethplumb(at)earthlink.net (po Ben H. Davis  bend(at)earthlink.net)
C-26             1964     134  Kestrel            Plymouth, MA           Joe Sullivan sagamorefilms(at)juno.com (POs were Bill Flanagan & Abigail Furey Abbyfurey(at)aol.com)
C-26             1966     139  Alta Tude          Penobscot, ME          Tom Harrison & Alta Gross tomharrison(at)hotmail.com
C-26             1964     140  Miles              New York, NY           Emanuel Rueffler rueffler(at)interport.net
C-26             196      147                                            (Ken Vandenburgh Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             196?     150                                            Caron Kruger ragdoll1 ragdoll1(at)pacbell.net
C-26             1965     158  Rag Doll           Key Largo, FL          Steve sander06(at)earthlink.net (PO was Pat Evans RagdollPat(at)aol.com)
C-26             1965     163                     Miami, FL              Jeff Deaton jefferydeaton(at)yahoo.com
C-26             1965     172  hull 172                                  Guy Hardin ghardin(at)webenet.net
C-26             1965     178  Reposado           Rio Vista, CA          Dik Richardson oldbandito(at)citlink.net
C-26             1968     182  Cancion            Nawiliwili Kaui, HI    Gabriel Hummel kbowline(at)hotmail.com
C-26             196      184  Perseus            San Francisco, CA      (Ed Kingman Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1966     190  Moonraker                                 Bob Harkema's son BHARKEMA(at)aol.com
C-26             1965     202  Daydream           Georgetown, MD         Paul Esterle pesterle(at)comcast.net (po Gene Kredensor Trkman2(at)aol.com, Lloyds '72 Aux Cut Thomas G. Shack, ex Raven, Atlantic City 508611 WA-6081/WYP5105)
C-26             1965     204  no name                                   Neal Bowles neboco(at)shentel.net (po George Itzel)
C-26             1965     211  Therapy            Fairport Harbor, OH    John & Mylene Weber jonwb_2000(at)yahoo.com
C-26             1965     215                     Hamilton, Ontario      Joseph Muller relic(at)hwcn.org
C-26             196      229                                            (Bill Murphy Col 26 Assoc news Sum '69)
C-26             1965          click here         Edmonton, KY           Claude & Susan Church sch(at)scrtc.com sail 12611
C-26             1965          Dora               Rock Hall, MD          (yachtworld 2/06)
C-26             1965     235  Riothamus          San Rafael, CA         Shane Cowan scowan(at)orland.com (ex Cracklin' Rosie)
C-26             1966     236  Novedad            Southwest Harbor, ME   Steve Lyman stevelyman(at)acadia.net
C-26             1966     242  Desiderata         Pine Beach, NJ         Sam Courlas sam(at)courlas.com
C-26             1966     244  Avion              Joe Pool Lake, TX      Bill Kerr bkerr(at)offroadair.com
C-26             1966     247  Marisol            Canyon Ferry Lake, MT  John Coppick j_coppick(at)bresnan.net (po Noel Mattiello mattien(at)phillynews.com)
C-26             1966     265  Maruda II          Glen Cove, NY          Peter piotrm1968(at)wp.pl
C-26             1966     282  Just Keeling Time                         John Kliensorge sosdiving(at)hotmail.com
C-26             1966     284  Whisper            Stratford, TX          Ted Bouldin ltb(at)amaonline.com
C-26             1966     285                                            George Matuszewski GeoArch9(at)msn.com
C-26             1966     293  unknown            Mathews County, VA     (eBay 12/06 - boatangel)
C-26             1966     299  Finally            Edgemere, MD           Roy & Sandy Kelman rdk4(at)juno.com
C-26             1966     296  Valentine          Warren, RI             Mary Hunt mh329(at)aol.com
C-26             1967     302  Holly Terror       Light Cove, ONT. CAN.  Dirk sailing1(at)attcanada.ca
C-26             1966     305  Lowly Worm         City Island, NY        Alan Woliner RepliCars(at)aol.com
C-26             196?     306  Cavu               Sacramento, KY         David & Gayle Lowe LOWEAVIATE(at)aol.com
C-26             1967     309  Ivory Star         Ft. Lauderdale, FL     Ted L. Thomas xcalibur(at)netrox.net (PO was John Dunsmoor)
C-26                           Gossamer Canoe     Del Mar, CA            Robert Talmadge
C-26 (scrapped)  1967          True Love          Wilmington, NC         (Jonalan Wright PharFire(at)aol.com reported her scrapped 06/2003) 
C-26             1967     311  Puffer             Perry, KS              Capt. Horndog ronfxr(at)sunflower.com
C-26             1967     314  Merrowly           Rockland, ME           Sharon & Francis fsmerrow(at)midcoast.com
C-26             1967     315  Irish Lass         Indian Hbr. Bch., FL   Wil Miller WMiller321(at)cfl.rr.com
C-26             1967     316  Marion B           Marion, MA             Jonathan & Deborah Nicholls; Sue & David Billings mrfixit5(at)mediaone.net
C-26             1968     318  High Lander        Muskegon, MI           (for sale on Yachtworld.com 10/2003)
C-26             1967     320  Cygnet             Havre de Grace, MD     Michael Jadus michaeljadus(at)aol.com
C-26             1968                             Anchor Pointe, OH      Dennis Albers BlackdogLR(at)AOL.COM
C-26             1969          Hula III           Racine, WI             William Mynatt seame777(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II                     Shariyat           Bellingham, WA         Lance Ekhart (ex Freight Train 39008)
C-26 Mk II                     Tuesday                                   Bill Stange (sail 19586)C-26 Mk II                     Miriah             (Beverly, MA)          scrapped 3/2003 due to fire in cabin
C-26 Mk II                     Dog House          Ottawa, CAN            Berthel-Peddle
C-26 Mk II                     Orion              San Francisco, CA      Alex Bustamante  labrava4(at)iname.com
C-26 Mk II                     Lucy               Victoria, B.C. Can.    David Dahl dahldf(at)home.com
C-26 Mk II                     HMS West Anglia    Solomons Island, MD    (reported by J Revel 2/2004)
C-26 Mk II                     Etude              Solomons Island, MD    (reported by J Revel 2/2004)
C-26 Mk II                     Escapade           Kinsale, VA            (reported by J Revel 2/2004)
C-26 Mk II       19??          Quinn Mary         Chicago, IL            (reported by George I 3/2004)
C-26 Mk II       196?          Aline              Millbay BC Canada      William White and Michael Casson white74(at)telus.net mcasson(at)telus.net (ex Genaya)
C-26 Mk II       196?          Skylla             Magothy River, MD      Juan Navarr jnavarr121(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       196?          Pohono             San Mateo, CA          Julia Larsen jal(at)micruscorp.com
C-26 Mk II       19??          Sea Spray
C-26 Mk II       1968       3  Nirvana            Annapolis, MD          Greg thomp(at)aol.com lunar(at)epix.net
C-26 Mk II       1968          Here I Am          Islip, NY              (for sale on Yachtworld.com 3/2003)
C-26 Mk II       1968          Relentless         Rockport, TX           Brad Coleman bcole4789(at)ev1.net
C-26 Mk II       1969          Kayjos Co.         San Francisco, CA       Joel & Michele White jsibleywhite(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969          Miss Sue           Channel Islands, CA    (Yachtworld 8/06)
C-26 MK II       1969          Panemune           Staten Island, NY      (ebay 8/04)
C-26 Mk II       1969          Argo                                      vance_dd(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969          Marquise           Port Washington, Wi    (eBay 5/05)
C-26 Mk II       1969          Seagull            Long Beach, CA         (boatraderonline.com 9/05)
C-26 Mk II       1969                             Morro Bay, CA          Dustin Stockton ds5216(at)tcsn.net
C-26 Mk II       1969          Sails Call         Redondo Beach, CA      Ken Roberts krobert02(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1969          Hiatus             Magnolia Harbor, MA    Geoff & Margaret Wooding (po was Sandra Miller)
C-26 Mk II       1969          Tenemous           Sidney, BC  Canada     Franck & Nenita Lay  francklay(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1969          The Great Escape   Santa Barbara, CA      John & Erma Nims jonerm(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       19         7  Wings              Hood River, OR         Kevin Donald kevindonald(at)gorge.net
C-26 Mk II       1972      26  Summer Breeze      Solomons Island, MD    Alan cbac(at)cbacswimming.org
C-26 Mk II       1969      82  Tabooma            Bora Boar, Tahiti      David Vickerman drvickerman.worldnet.att.net
C-26 Mk II       1968     406  Eris               Portland, OR           Bob Meyer eris2(at)prodigy.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     407  Snoopy             Oriental, NC           Mike, Mary Alice, & Lauren Ramsey svsnoopy(at)netscape.net
C-26 Mk II       1970     412  Alcoholics Alluvus Detroit, MI            Scott Giles scgiles(at)ibm.net
C-26 Mk II       1969          unknown                                   Leslie Melich ctwooddoctor(at)yahoo.com 
C-26 Mk II       1969          My Fair Lady       Daytona Beach, FL      (ebay 5/05)
C-26 Mk II       1969          Kelly-Ann          Providence, RI         Jim & Kelly Danielson Jim.Danielson(at)sonoco.com
C-26 Mk II       1969                             San Diego, CA          Mike Augustine augustine(at)fr.com
C-26 Mk II       1969          My Da'ling         Monterey, CA           (po Don Pitchford dpitch65(at)yahoo.com)
C-26 Mk II       1969     420  The Endeavor       Stockton, CA           Orrin Banks Mark(at)BanksGlass.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     422                     Kema, TX               Sean Adams pharcide(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     427  La Negrita         Napa River, CA         Bob Keating rmkeating(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1970          Mockingbird        Salisbury, MD          Justin Smith ocircumstance(at)hotmail.com (ex Bird Song)
C-26 Mk II       1970     438  Second Wind        Katy, TX               Jack Hopkin jhopkin(at)houston.rr.com (po E.C. Woodward ecwj(at)alum.mit.edu)
C-26 Mk II       1970     445  Puff               Marina del Rey, CA     Jim Crayne JBCRAY(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1970          click here         Emeryville, CA         Leon Sharfarz leon(at)clear-cxn.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     458  From This Moment   Redondo Beach, CA      Bob & Melanie Fake Cellarmaster49(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     466  Taranis            Seattle, WA            John & Lucinda jcarscad(at)oz.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     467  Nee Sea            Newport Beach, CA      Nathan West Enhydras(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     476  Mystic             Olympia, WA            Jeff Hogan JHogan(at)seattle.sysco.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     477  Lewis-Savanne      San Perdro, CA         Bill Roth csteeldawg49(at)yahoo.com (ex Interlude)
C-26 Mk II       1969     482  Wind Swept         Seal Beach, CA         Steven & Barbara Geier catalinamon(at)aol.com  (po David Post aun1_34(at)yahoo.com)
C-26 Mk II       1969     485  Maika'i puahio     Poipu, Kauai, HI       Ron & Amy Christmas paradiseworks(at)hawaiian.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     488  Matilda K          San Diego, CA          Tim & Kathy Younker tyounk62(at)cybertrails.com
C-26 Mk II       19       494                     Morro Bay, CA          Dave Tice david-tice(at)sbcglobal.net
C-26 Mk II       19       495                     British Columbia       Thomas Wagner thomas.wagner(at)shaw.ca
C-26 Mk II       1969     514  Tyke               Key West, FL           John Brown, Jr. svtykeeyw(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     517  Second Wind        Oriental, NC           Rich and Diana Trumper richardtrumper(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     527  Island Time        East Tawas, MI         Chuck Mullen cmullen318(at)charter.net sail 5885
C-28 Mk II       1970     522  hull 522           Missoula, MT           Luke S. ljs(at)montana.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     533  Faith                                     Chris Walker & Taylor Walker  MADAPPLE1(at)aol.com 
C-26 Mk II       1969     539  After You          Detroit, MI            Mike Leinweber MLeinwebe(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     543  Carol Ann          Plymouth, MA           Larry Lee C26RI(at)cox.net (po was Doug Caron dcaron(at)adelphia.net)
C-26 Mk II       1969     554  Cygnet             Sassafras River, MD    Robert & Andrea Weber RWEBER(at)skadden.com 
C-26 Mk II       1969     558  Sunward            ID                     (po Charles J "Fitz" Fitzsimmons)
C-26 Mk II(Rtird)1969     566  la Belle Vie       Bradenton Beach, FL    (retired with honor 03/07/04 Jerry B. Shell jshell4(at)tampabay.rr.com))
C-26 Mk II       1969     570  Otis B. Driftwood  Lk. St. Clair, Det, MI Capt. Gerylann Arden and her crew, Blair sailor570(at)compuserve.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     577  Wind Drifter       Shelton, WA            Bill Schaumann mretoh(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     578  Trade Winds        Spring Lake, MI        Al & Barb Hass barbhass2003(at)yahoo.com sail 1202
C-26 Mk II       1969     589  Bodhi              Black Rock, CT         Bruce Crowder brucecrowder(at)gmail.com  
C-26 Mk II       1969     593  Le'a               St. Joseph, MI         George Istok george(at)siglan.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     596  Aeolus             Portsmouth, VA         William, Heather & Aimee Maddox wm3846(at)cavtel.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     599  Great Escape       Lewes, DE              Ed Spray (po was Lee E. Carpenter, was Raven)
C-26 Mk II       1969     602  Zydco              Channel Islands, CA    Tom Tavella, Latonya Crowell tavella2000(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     616  click here         Marina Del Rey, CA     (POs were Brett & Gary Contreras garyjann(at)pacbell.net)
C-26 Mk II       1969     627  Running Bare       Marina del Rey, CA     Scott Cannon scott(at)scottcannonphotography.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     632  Taku               Seward, AK             (for sale sailboatlistings.com 8/05)
C-26 Mk II       1969     651  Amanita                       CA          Tony Rivard heretic33(at)sbcglobal.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     660  NANA               Eastlake, MI           Andrea McDonald excaliber1908(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     679  Yankee             Baltimore, MD          Brian C. Morrison brian.c.morrison(at)verizon.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     687                     Isleton, CA            Richard Swanson  (po Michael Counts skipper501(at)earthlink.net)
C-26 Mk II       1969     698  Akua               Ventura Keys, CA       Patrick & Janice McDonald (po's were John Grusd & Beth Wehrmeister bw-jg(at)worldnet.att.net, SNAFU)
C-26 Mk II       1969     725  Airborne           Barrington, RI         Mark & Michael Romano Mark(at)ids.net
C-26 Mk II       1970     726  Encounter          Lorain, OH             Dan & Patti Misener mafamily(at)adelphia.net (was Encounter II, Clew Bay)
C-26 Mk II       1970     729                     Milwaukee, WI          Doc rnrunge(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1970          Elixer             Pensacola, FL          (ebay 10/06)
C-26 Mk II       1970          xxx xxx?           San Diego, CA          (po Joe josephm40(at)sbcglobal.net sail 27407)
C-26 Mk II       1970          Pelonchete         Marina del Rey, CA     (Boatraderonline.com 9/05)
C-26 Mk II       1970          Amelia
C-26 Mk II       1970          Little Girl        Newport Beach, CA      Luis A. Baldi lbaldi(at)dslextreme.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     733  Elan               Severna Park, MD       Barry Flashman alloyx(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     738  L'Attitudes        Portsmouth, RI         Bill Nealon BNealon(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1976     742  Inishannon         Brighton, Ontario      (for sale 8/05 Bob Hendry lizbob(at)reach.net)
C-26 Mk II       1972     749  name?              Toronto, Ont. Can      Peter A. seablastme(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     760  Tranquility        Carrollton, VA         Fred Lacey FLaceyIII(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     762                     Erie, PA               Wyn A. Jones wjones(at)usachoice.net
C-26 Mk II       1970     766  Wind-C-Ker         Chesapeake Beach, MD   Richard Faille rfaille(at)msn.com (po Ralph Boldyga Geo4X4(at)aol.com)
C-26 Mk II       1970     778                     Onancock, VA           Justin Smith ocircumstance(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     783  Storm              Brooklyn, NY           Alex Shekoff AShekoff(at)checkfree.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     788  Karma              Detroit, MI            Paul Kalinka paul(at)prktech.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     797  R We There Yet     Kemah, TX              Chris Cotner christopher_cotner(at)yahoo.com (po Harland Thornton, Jr. wthorntonjr(at)worldnet.att.net)
C-26 Mk II       1970     801                     San Francisco, CA      Robert Schneider rpschneider(at)sbcglobal.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     803                     San Diego, CA          Chris themanwhocan(at)planetchris.prserv.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     830  Ericca                                    Mark Thaidigsman 767er(at)msn.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     844  Procrastination    Lake Hartwell, SC      Dawson Wurzel  dawson_wurzel(at)nad.adp.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     848  15 Two             Honolulu, HI           JT Lichnovsky &
C-26 Mk II       1969     849                     Wichita, KS            Ed Knox eknox(at)gossenlivingston.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     852  Phantom            Camp Pendleton, CA     Ken & Cheryl Cox cox737(at)charter.net (oo Paul McKibbon)
C-26 Mk II       1969     853                     La Paz, Mex            Dawn Packard mtngttl101(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     854  Mexicali Rose            San Diego, CA    Evert Van Leeuwen bullitproof454(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     856  hull 856           Ventura, CA            (for sale on eBay 3/2004)
C-26 Mk II       1969     858  Carcol de Mir      San Diego, CA          Mike & Anne Augustine augustine(at)fr.com
C-26 Mk II                860  Meteor             Seattle, WA            Mike Beste mbeste(at)fulcrum.net 
C-26 Mk II                863  Aleluya            Lake Mead, NV          Armando Chavez O1jibe(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     868  Frankly my dear...                        (po David Clauss cga4me(at)hotmail.com)
C-26 Mk II       1969     871  Hebe                                      George Fricke gfricke(at)acadia.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     887  Mistress Quickly   San Francisco, CA      Adrian Beaumont
C-26 Mk II       1969     881  True Love          Chicago, IL            Bill Smith wasmith(at)wasmith.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     883  Imagine            Elephant Butte, NM     Colin Dykes colindykes(at)yahoo.com, po Mike Uszuko zuk(at)uswest.net
C-26 Mk II       1969     886  Therapy            Sand Springs, OK       Andrew Gilliam recordingu(at)cox.net (po was Terry Cooper cooper.terry.l(at)worldnet.att.net)
C-26 Mk II       1969     891  Bluenose           San Diego              Jeff Young sprtlvr(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969     900  Buddy Bear         Ft. Lauderdale, FL     Mark Watford sailboat(at)netdor.com, www.sailorman.com
C-26 Mk II       1970     901  Amity              Warwick, RI            Chris eekpod(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     902  Trip-It            Kingston, Ontario      Gordon Lees glees1(at)cogeco.ca
C-26 Mk II       1971                             Marina del Rey, CA     Vincent McBride vincentmcbride(at)adelphia.net
C-26 Mk II       1970          Aquariqus          Milwaukee, WI          (Bill for sale on eBay 12/2002)
C-26 Mk II       1970          Moon Raker         Chula Vista, CA        Lisa Montgomery LMontgomery(at)JohnBurnham.com
C-26 Mk II       1970                             Annapolis, MD          (PO was Joe Duva jduva(at)btcg.net)
C-26 Mk II       1970          Lucy               Victoria, BC CAN       David Dahl dahldf(at)home.com
C-26 Mk II       1970                             Seal Beach, CA         Don Kriminger
C-26 Mk II       1970          Lil Repo           French Lick, IN        Woody and Mr. Byrd
C-26 Mk II       1970     910  Tailspin           Portsmouth, VA         Nancy P Kline NEBLINA2(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     912                     Milwaukee, WI          Scott Sommer ssommer(at)execpc.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     916  Dolfin             Greenbackville, VA     Chris Carter chris-carter3(at)juno.com
C-26 Mk II       197?     917  Thumper            Winthrop Harbor, IL    Sam & Karen Craig Sailboy98(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     918  Karen Lee          Winthrop Harbor, IL    (ebay 10/06)
C-26 Mk II       1970     921  Alegro             Pasadena, MD           Rick Tucker rick-tucker(at)mindspring.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     922  On Location        Charleston, SC         (po Larry & Dotty Workman ldworkman(at)bellsouth.net)
C-26 Mk II       1970     923  Aeolus             Chicago, IL            Oscar and Shirley Kraft okquest(at)att.net (ex Cloud 9)
C-26 Mk II       1970     924  Olga Olga          Baltimore, MD          (eBay 8/06)
C-26 Mk II       1970          Smooth Sailing     Osprey, FL             (eBay 6/06)
C-26 Mk II       1971     926  Aera               Cawtaba Island, OH     James D. Pournaras jdp2(at)po.cwru.edu
C-26 Mk II       1970     929  Wind Dancer        Virginia Beach, VA     Claude "Danny" & Linda Jordan Linda.Jordan(at)worldnet.att.net  (po James Phelps / Sean Millington tetramojo(at)hotmail.com, Harry West ex Harmony)
C-26 Mk II       1971                             Emeryville, CA         Mike Smith bondomike49(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1971          Fetish             Mystic, CT             Tom Wiese (po Mark Cole)
C-26 Mk II       1971          Osprey             Elkton, MD             (eBay 11/2005)
C-26 Mk II       1971          Time Out           Seabrook, TX           Charles & Erik Loudermilk bz1z(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1972          Forever Young      Lake Mead, NV          Tom & Lily Young, younglvn(at)gateway.net
C-26 Mk II       1970     940  Addy Louise        Waterford, CT          Addy Robarge arobarge1(at)gmail.com (po Albert F. Reardon AFR401(at)aol.com)
C-26 Mk II       1967     941  Stargazer          Norfolk, VA            Richard Spano stargazersailor(at)aol.com (po Harold Arnold arnoldsn(at)intercom.net ex Chamai)
C-26 Mk II       1971     942  Green Eyes         Apponaug Harbor, RI    Michael & Martha Langer mmlanger(at)gateway.net
C-26 Mk II       1971     943  Snow Queen         Georgetown, MD         Pete Fox pete4fox(at)comcast.net (po Steve Johns sjohns7475(at)aol.com) 
C-26 Mk II       1971     945  Chako              Comox, BC Can.         Michael & Bernadette Pitcher mbpitcher(at)telus.net
C-26 Mk II       1971     947                                            Mike Kelly mpk2222(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     952  Sargasso           Key Largo, FL          Greg Coupland Islandmon(at)mac.com (po Bob Shokes sargasso1(at)earthlink.net)
C-26 Mk II       1971     953  Hull 953           East Palestine, OH/Point Breeze, NY  Philip Campbell philip.campbell(at)gmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     958  2N-Courage         Victoria, BC, Can      Matt Cronmiller mattcronmiller(at)hotmail.com (Nick Koster nicalis(at)telus.net ex Elskan)
C-26 Mk II       19            Ocean View         Carrollton, VA         Fred Lacey FLaceyIII(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     960  Eeyore             Carrollton, VA         Fred Lacey FLaceyIII(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     964  Fancy Free         Greenville, NC         Bob & Claire Pittman Rpittman(at)greenvillenc.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     966  Jody A             Galesville, MD         Franck Cordes f969c(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     967  UnklElwyn          Merrit Island, FL      po was Carl Dirkes FSUdrsax(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       197?     971  Luna Sea           Sandusky, OH           Joe Busam joe(at)barkingfishlounge.com (ex Shazam po Oleg Edelman sophiaemilyelle(at)yahoo.com)
C-26 Mk II       197?     978                     Hampton, VA            Ed McConville Perkyva(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     981  Freebreeze         Wrightsville Beach, NC Jeremy Dugan asalambahela(at)aol.com  Nate Rosebrooks NRosebrook(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     985  Fluidity                                  Nate Rosebrooks NRosebrook(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     989  Presto             Peconic Bay, NY        Kenneth Fries kenneth_fries(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1971     990  Shamrock           Portsmouth, VA         (eBay 1/07 ad says hull 990, sail is 1320)
C-26 Mk II       1971     991  transom            Boston, MA             Nathaniel Hanson nathanielrhanson(at)yahoo.com 
C-26 Mk II       1971     992  Sara               Scituate, MA           Don Turner Dwt7(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1969    1006                     Richmond, CA           Victoria Walker victoriawalkers(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1971    1000  Heisenberg         Kinsale, VA            (po Emily Wilson ewilson(at)pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov)
C-26 Mk II       1969    1009  click here         CA                     Capt. Alan Spears capt.alanspears(at)marinesecurity.org
C-26 Mk II       1971    1012  hull #1012         Dallas, TX             (sold on ebay 9/03)
C-26 Mk II       1969    1015  Ula                Long Beach, CA         Don & ShirleyPowell 
C-26 Mk II       1969    1028  Quizá              San Carlos, MX         Chris Edmonson cleat(at)rocketmail.com (ex Mikimota)
C-26 Mk II       1969    1042  Kurplunk           Oceanside Harbor, CA   Eric Brumbley BrumbleyEC(at)1maw.usmc.mil
C-26 Mk II       1970    1050  Mistral            Punta Gorda, FL        Marty Wirth JoMarWirth(at)aol.com (po K. Roth rothkk(at)aol.com)
C-26 Mk II       1969    1051  hull# 1051         Sausalito, CA          Marek Lechowski MarekLech(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1062  Summer Breeze      Long Beach, CA         Doug & Ginny dwardpool(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       19      1068                     Puget Sound            Bob G. sailorboats4u(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1969    1076  The Gift           Everett, WA            Thomas Gardner tompamq(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1090  Lady Revel         Solomons, MD           Vicky & Johnny Revel  jrrevel(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1095  Irish Lady         Petaluma, CA           Chris Sparks csparks(at)sonic.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1098  Infinity           Alameda, CA            Andy McKinley airhedz(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1200  Altair             Suisun City,CA         Connie Hudson atimetoenjoylife(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1201  Nancy Lou          Seal Beach, CA         Don Kriminger
C-26 Mk II       1970    1203  On Beat                                   Mark zog_cookie(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1213  Adventurer         San Diego, CA          John & Greet Thompson founthd(at)uswest.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1214  Nicoya             San Pedro, CA          Fernando Conrado fconrado(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1972     225  Puffin             Williamsville, NY      Carol & Roger Voss rustyrusticator(at)verizon.net rogeravoss(at)earthlink.net (po Lynne & Sam Gang Lynnegang(at)aol.com was Lysaga's Lady)
C-26 Mk II       1970    1225  Orion              San Francisco Bay, CA  Alejandro (Alex) Bustamante labrava4(at)jps.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1234  Legacy             Bellingham, WA         Brent Lewis lewis(at)punkass.com (po Dennis Lancaster dllbjl(at)attbi.com dllbjl(at)home.com sail 29442) 
C-26 Mk II       1970    1243  Tionna             Eureka, CA             Tim Sawyer smsozone(at)harborside.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1244                                            David A Smith dsmith(at)picklesmith.com
C-26 Mk II       1970                             Milwaukee, WI          Gary & Linnea Davis
C-26 Mk II       1970          modified MkII      San Diego, CA          (seen on boatraderonline 3/2003)
C-26 Mk II       1971          Turquoise          Brick, N               (Reported being scrapped 3/2003)
C-26 Mk II       1971    1247  Tristan's Star     Anacortes, WA          Ed Kelly edward_j_kelly(at)yahoo.com (po David & Carol Cleland dcleland(at)whidbey.net)
C-26 Mk II       1970    1252  Peaches            Sausalito, CA          (po Kent Robertson SPARKY23(at)aol.com)
C-26 Mk II       1970    1264  On The Wind        San Francisco, CA      Dr. Jack Sinow drsinow(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1970    1269                     Isleton, CA            Michael Counts skipper501(at)comcast.net
C-26 Mk II       1971    1279  Cost La Vie        Sausalito, CA          Birdie Hansen BirdieStoke(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971    1295  Agape              Grapevine, TX          Frank Schenk fdschenk(at)flash.net
C-26 Mk II       1971    1300                     Dana Point, CA         Steve Myers bust_it(at)yahoo.com (po William Gates)
C-26 Mk II       1971    1304  Seminole Spirit    Shell Point, FL        Cal & Jenny Heusdens heusdecw(at)copper.net (po Richard Drake drakefoot(at)sprynet.com)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1313  Grey Gannet        LMYC LaSalle Mariners  Alan & Elaine Prettyman eprettym(at)jet2.net
C-26 Mk II       1972    1315  Barbara Ann        Marathon, FL           Jim Dwyer bapjad(at)msn.com
C-26 Mk II       1971    1321  Greta              Mobile Bay             Jim Gibson gibsonjim1(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1971    1322                     Jamaica Bay, NY        Martin Schreibman (po George Neyssen)
C-26 Mk II       1971    1329  Banshee            Austin, TX             Bill Casnovsky bill(at)cazdezign.com (oo Jack (John) Rooney, po Jim Sittig sittig(at)execpc.com )
C-26 Mk II       1971    1335  Ropeyarn           Old Point Comfort, VA  Scott Arnott scott.arnott(at)zeltech.com (po John O'Neal johnonealiii(at)home.com)
C-26 Mk II       1971    1337  unknown            Annapolis, MD          Mike Weiss
C-26 Mk II       1972          Misty              Squamish, BC, Canada   Kris Taylor mrcanada976(at)gmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1350  Bachelor II        Yellowknife, NT, Can.  John McCullum wkssa(at)thunder.internorth.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1351  Tipsy II           Boyertown, PA          Henry Borneman henrygb(at)aol 
C-26 Mk II       1971    1352                     Key Largo, FL          Jascha    jaschais(at)gmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1971    1353  One Wish           West Greenwich, RI     Don Goffe dgoffe(at)cox.net
C-26 Mk II       1970    1354  Klydo              Boston, MA             Michael Pelosi seafire327(at)yahoo.com (ex Grateful Heart po Lynn & Paul Wilson lwilson(at)caregroup.harvard.edu ex A-TEAM pos Peter & Marilyn Sicurella sic(at)mediaone.net)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1384  Defiant            Hudson, FL             Larry Brink larry_brink(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1388  Ally Girl                                 Bruce Burnett bburn212(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1390                     Hudson, FL             
C-26 Mk II       1972    1397  Melissa            Fells Point, MD        Jon & Melissa pendragon558(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1398  Summer Breeze      Marblehead, MA         Diane White jeffreyd.white(at)comcast.net
C-26 Mk II       1971    1407  Escape             Venice, FL             Brian Bailey Sail2sea875(at)aol.com              
C-26 Mk II       1971    1413  Honu               Coupeville, WA         Thomas Kircher proteus_72(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1422  Leibchen           Alawai Honolulu, HI    John K bottomdeweller1(at)yahoo.com (po Kini Kane Kinikane(at)aol.com)
C-26 Mk II       1971    1425  Phoebe Ann         Lake Conroe, TX        George W Spaid spaids(at)consolidated.net
C-26 Mk II       1971    1426  Shorts             San Diego, CA          Bruce Beattie bighardin(at)yahoo.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1444  El Caballo Loco II Belton, TX             Mike Glymph  Glymphm(at)cs.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1453  Respite            Dana Point, CA         Lou Main lou_main(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1454  Brandy II          Yankeetown, FL         Gregg Monsma
C-26 Mk II       1972    1457  Great Blue         Annapolis, MD          (po Mark Patullo mark.patullo(at)verizonwireless.com)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1458  Otium              Bellingham, WA         Carl Obermeier captobie(at)yahoo.com 
C-26 Mk II       1973          Ex-Tension         Chicago, IL            John john(at)siska.net (ex Star Gazer)
C-26 Mk II       1973          Tara               Ithica, NY             jwbigkahuna48(at)yahoo.com (po Earl Hicks hickse(at)twcny.rr.com)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1461  process222         Solomons Island, MD    John Birge jbirge(at)buildnet.com
C-26MkII (sail 1042)1973 1466  Kathy-Diane        Dana Point, CA         Duane & Dolores Smith duaneanddolores(at)yahoo.com (ex Kathy-Diane)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1467                     Kemah, TX              Mark kippersjoy(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1469  China Doll         Chicago, IL            Jim Haring jharing(at)juno.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1472  Blotto             Piti, Guam             Phoenix Moble phx(at)kuentos.guam.net
C-26 Mk II       1974    1475  Narrneschiff       Peoria, IL             Max Bernauer Bernauer(at)trianglenet.net
C-26 Mk II       1972    1485  Sunshine           Marina Del Rey, CA     Lenny Gordon lennycpa(at)ix.netcom.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1488  Afternoon Delight  Santa Barbara, CA      Scott White Dress Gray         Houston, TX            Sam Houston Area Council BSA, reported by David J Noser djnoser(at)swbell.net  
C-26 Mk II       1972          Gypsy              Quincy, MA             Michael Bellomo MBell30329(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1972          Pohono II          Merritt Island, FL     Todd Campbell & Susannah Jaffe  Jaffcamp(at)mpinet.net
C-26 Mk II       1972                                                    Chris Cully 
C-26 Mk II       1973                             TX                     Charlie Davis davfam(at)camalott.com
C-26 Mk II       1973          Annina             ME                     Nat Hewitt nathewitt(at)gmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1973          Pipe Dreams        Bourn, MA              Gerry GMclaug794(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1973          After Midnight     Victoria, B.C. Can.    Robert Patten rob_patten(at)hotmail.com (po Mark & Wendy sailmore(at)sprint.ca sail 74328)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1497  Fling              Lake Winnebago, WI     Ken & Aimee Eubank kweubank123(at)yahoo.com
C-26 destryd '07 1976    1504                     Boston, MA             Stan Terwilliger STerwillig(at)aol.com (ex Sea Breeze, Stone Cutter)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1505  Perseverance       Detroit, MI            Paul Kalinka paul(at)prktech.com (being scrapped '08)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1506  Elmo's Fire        Crownsville, MD        Erik von Rosenvinge (ex Ruach Tov, po Harvey & Shelley Kabran)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1509  Better Days        Newport News, VA       Rock Bell rbell(at)eastbeachnorfolk.com
C-26 Mk II       1973          Brittany           Wilmington, NC         Hari & Belinda Benson
C-26 Mk II       1973    1511  Rainbow's End      Tiverton, RI           Ingeborg & Dane Rota inge_dane(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1512  Morning Star       Hampton, VA            Chris Johnson cm.johnson(at)verizon.net (po Jeff & Kami Carlsen flyseahawk(at)erols.com)
C-26 Mk II       1972    1516  click here         Fairhaven, NY          Charles F. McCabe cmccabe(at)dreamscape.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1517  Sweet Melissa      Onancock, VA           Jeff & Linda Brandt tomkit(at)intercom.net
C-26 Mk II       1973    1517  ?1554?             Buford, GA             Cynthia Van Vynckt 
C-26 Mk II       1974    1520  Sister Wendy       Bellingham, WA         James Smith roadthunder(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1974    1523  Bay Buff           Baltimore, MD          Wayne Rice wjrice(at)bcpl.net
C-26 Mk II       1972    1531  New Hope           Solomons Island, MD    Glenn M. Heaney & Beverly A. Heaney gheaney(at)chesapeake.com 
C-26 Mk II       1974          Kallim             Vancouver Is., BC, CAN Barry McNab bdmcnab(at)seaside.net
C-26 Mk II       1974    1537  Jackdaw            Minneapolis, MN        Jim Maruca jackdaw3(at)prodigy.net
C-26 Mk II       1974    1538  We Be Chillen      washed aground and lost, Hillsborough Inlet, FL  1999  Ted L. Thomas xcalibur(at)netrox.net
C-26 Mk II       1973    1541  Sisu               Providence, RI         Peter & Susan Erkkinen paerkk(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1972    1543  Homeward Bound II  Narragansett Bay, RI   Marc MPas121511(at)aol.com (was Ragamuffin)    
C-26 Mk II       1973    1546  Jubelant           Norfolk, VA            Barry & Eleanor Hoyt barryhoy(at)peoplepc.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1547                     Riviera Beach, FL      David & Regina Stelwagon dlsrls(at)bellsouth.net
C-26 Mk II       1973    1554  Schoolboy Heart    Gainesville, GA        Scott Dixon scott_dixon(at)bellsouth.net     
C-26 Mk II       1972    1560                     Buffalo, NY            Chip Campbell usatech(at)earthlink.net
C-26 Mk II       1973    1568  no name            Nicholasville, KY      Michael Cooper coopermichaelj(at)yahoo.com (ex Dorset)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1604  Elan               Clear Lake, TX         Rita Nordby rita(at)nordbyvineyards.com
C-26 Mk II       1973    1613  Scimitar           Tacoma, WA             Mike Metcalfe mmet(at)emeraldnet.net
C-26 Mk II       1973          Black Pearl II     Gloucester, VA         Stephen Helmer  gatorseabeeslh(at)aol.com (ex Ocean View po Fred Lacy, Bobby Koch bkoch(at)seva.net)
C-26 Mk II       1973    1621  Lucky Lady II      Watkins Glen, NY       (po Peter Knott  knottpc(at)yahoo.com)
C-26 K           1974    1627  EL Condor Pasa     Alpena, MI             Donald Dingee GHOST(at)peoplepc.com (po was Michael Fellows   fellows(at)acsu.buffalo.edu)
C-26 K           1974    1629  Wind Whisperer     Spartanburg, SC        David Jones jones5279(at)bellsouth.net 
C-26 Mk II       1973     753  Brittany           Wilmington, NC         Hari Volikas hvolikas(at)isaac.net, gimbleman(at)charter.net
C-26 Mk II       1975                             Harpswell, ME          Jeff Hathaway jeffh(at)gwi.net
C-26 Mk II       1976    5052  Kiana Too                                 Chuck & Diane Casterline Samblom(at)aol.com
C-26 Mk II       1975    5063  Sundance           Rochester, NY          Jerry Farraenola jerryfarraenola(at)hotmail.com
C-26 Mk II       1976          Coanda     Eagle Harbour, W Vancouver, BC Jay Farquharson Jay_Farquharson(at)dynapro.com
C-26 Mk II       1976          Robin's Nest       Houston, TX            Robin Harkleroad robinh(at)pdq.net
C-26 Mk II       1976          Sierra             Toronto, Canada        Peter seablastme(at)yahoo.com
C-26 K           197?          Lady Colleen       Solomons, MD           (reported by J Revel 2/2004)
C-26 K           1975     007  click here         Bellingham, WA         Bob & Irene mustang_becki(at)hotmail.com
C-26 K           1974     009  Sea Samba          Lake City, MN          Michael & Paula Walter mwalter(at)hbci.com
C-26 K           1975    5011  Coup d'essai       Atlanta, GA            Jeff Buchanan jbuch02(at)mediaone.net
C-26 K           1976    5034  Plaintiffs Rest    Heber Springs, AR      Keith & Melanie Grayson klgmlg(at)aol.com
C-26 K           1976    5050                     Ocean City, NJ         Gary Blizzard Fmblizz(at)comcast.net
C-26 K           1975    5053                     Annapolis, MD          Ricardo Leal Saltwaterzkrl(at)aol.com
C-26 K           1975    5054  Gem-n-i            Galiano Island, BC     Christian Nally services(at)experiment.com (po Dennis Schosboek dps(at)olypen.com, ex GEM)
C-26 K           1976    5061  Paisan             Grand Lake, OK         Martin Todaro martin.j.todaro(at)boeing.com
C-26 K           1975    6066  Kefee              Seabrook, TX           Steve Gasper Steveg690(at)aol.com
C-26 K           1975    6070  Ladyhawke          San Pedro, CA          Stephen Beck CGEFX(at)AOL.COM
C-26 K           1976    6071  Puddleduck         Havre de Grace, MD     Phil Moyer hukuzatuna (at) gmail.com (po Paul Worthington pcw5150(at)comcast.net ex Balance)
C-26 K           1975    6081  Velella            RI                     (for sale Univ of RI 3/2004)
C-26 K           1975          Emily B            Afton, MN              (Yachtworld 1/07)
C-26 K           1975    6085  Francesca          Pittsburgh, PA         (eBay 1/07)   
C-26 K           1976    6087  Delphina           Deltaville, VA         Harry & Donna Holt hholt(at)comcast.net (ex Psyche)
C-26 K           1975    6088  Felicity           Galesville, MD         (spotted on the hard 10/04)       
C-26 K           1975    6091  Mystic II          Solomons, MD           
C-26 K           1975    6093                     North East, MD         (NE Yacht Sales 3/2002)
C-26 K           1976    6108  Bound for Glory    RI                     (for sale Univ of RI 3/2004)
C-26 K           1976    6110  Zig Zag            Forked River, NJ       Beth and Paul Hayden pehayden(at)aol.com (was Windborne)
C-26 K           1976?         Iris               St. Thomas, VI         (Yachtworld 8/06)
C-26 K           1977    7119  Escape and Evasion                 MD     (PO was Jeffrey Mizikoski jeffrey_martin(at)hotmail.com)
C-26 K           197?          Great Escape       Deale, MD              unknown
C-26             1977          Floridays          Bradenton, FL          (po Bob Gabreski RGabreski(at)aol.com)
C-26T            197?          True North         York River, VA         Cathlene Dunn cdunn(at)jharrisgroup.com
C-26T            1974       1  Bannanas           Erie, PA               Terry Braden TBraden880(at)aol.com
C-26T            1974          Morskie Oko        Vancouver, BC, Canada  Lucyna & Darek lucdar(at)hotmail.com
C-26T            1974       7  Lucy               Victoria, BC, Canada   ( po was Gordon Higgins kbpro(at)mailhost.wlc.com)
C-26T            1972       8  Knotty Beez        Tiburon, CA            Brian Valle bvalle2000(at)hotmail.com  (po Ed Clark dukeofurl_94121(at)yahoo.com ex Egret)
C-26T            197?      14                     St. Petersburg, FL     sailonbear(at)hotmail.com
C-26T            1975                             Embarrass, MN          Earl Sauseman (po Don Menton damenton(at)cpinternet.com)
C-26T            1975                                                    Brent Akers BAkers(at)TITANS.NFL.COM
C-26T            1975          Tuition            Atlanta, GA            Jeff neuhalfen1(at)yahoo.com (ex Makin T)
C-26T            1975     029  Shadow             Shore Acres, NJ        (po Barry Toubin)
C-26T            1975    5034  Dreamweaver        East Wenatchee, WA     Mike & Virginia Viehmann mvmann#64;verizon.net 
C-26T            1975    5035                                            John Faulkner kolidescope(at)telocity.com
C-26T            1975    5039  Breakaweigh        Ocean Gate, NJ         Riley & Linda Applegate snapcom(at)juno.com
C-26T            1975      40                     Charleston, SC         Christopher Newman sageandthyme(at)msn.com
C-26T            1975      45  Buena Onda         Austin, TX             Jon & Mary Donaldson jondon(at)ccms.net
C-26T            1976      47  Starry Nights      Mathews, VA            (for sale Yachtworld 4/2005 ex Release)
C-26T            1976    5047                     Sarasota, FL           Bill & Chris Ferris comtnrose2(at)yahoo.com
C-26T            1975      48  Kismet             Jacksonville, FL       Chris Beatty    cbeatty081196(at)comcast.net
C-26T            1975    5055  Chinook            Pensacola, FL           Sigurd Lee sigurdlee(at)aol.com
C-26T            1975    5058  Susquehanna        Arcadia, FL            Alfred Vancil heart461(at)strato.net
C-26T            1975    5061                     Summerland , B.C CA    (po Ted & Pat Ronneberg ronnebeb(at)telusplanet.net)
C-26T            1976     ?69  Far Side           Miami, FL              (seen on boatraderonline.com 3/2003)
C-26T            1976    6076  no name            Coronado, CA           (ebay 6/06)
C-26T            1976    6090                     Savannah, GA           Pete Lewis lewisdr(at)bellsouth.net
C-26T            1976     096                     Deltaville, VA         Hugh & Laura Aaron heaaron(at)hrai.com
C-26T            1976    6105  Barabara J         Port Charlotte, FL     Jerry Edmonds GEdmo76070(at)aol.com (Lloyd '79 C.J.G. Wentz WYL-7823)
C-26T            1976    6106                     Kemah, TX              Steven Lalumandier scarabmajik(at)hotmail.com
C-26T            1977                             Naples, FL             John McDonough drjmcdonough(at)mindspring.com
C-26T            1977    7113  el Águila          Hillsborough, NC       Steve Addy & Karen Erickson steveaddy(at)earthlink.net (po David Furna furnasecurity(at)coastalnet.com)
C-26T            1977     117  Miss Bliss         Olympia, WA            Paul Bliss runfaster3(at)comcast.net, Gary Pratt, Jim Larson, Gerald Armstrong 
C-26T            1977    7129  Solitude           Capac, MI              Richard Skuratowicz rskuratowicz(at)mimtc.ang.af.mil
C-26T            1978                             Petaluma, CA           Nathan Wheeler janate(at)email.msn.com
C-26T            1978    8119                                            Lynn & David Poligo dlamp4(at)gte.net
C-26T (Commodore)1982     027  Cool Change                               Jimmy Cox upsidedownloops(at)msn.com
C-27 Australian  19            Pathfinder         Tasmania               Pat Lee 
C-27 Australian  19            Piscian Dream      Lake Macquarie, NSW, Aust Ian Tayor squizie1(at)bigpond.net.au
C-27 Australian  19            Naiad              Lake Macquarie, NSW, Aust Noel De Losa 2ns(at)hunterlink.net.au (po Geoff Eckersley geckersley(at)ihug.com.au)
C-27 Australian  19            Barcarolle  Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, AU Carol Marsden dennisb(at)comcen.com.au
C-27 Australian  19            Cashmere           Sydney, Australia      Greg Douglas gmdouglas(at)hotmail.com
C-27 Australian  19            Taroona            Brisbane, Australia    Les Bailey Les(at)esqdataandsecurity.com.au 
C-27 Australian  19       425  JaneLee            Hardies Bay, Australia Adrian alemcke(at)tac.com.au (exArgo)
C-27 Australian  1974          Scarlett           Melbourne, Australia   Christopher Galagher galagher(at)onthe.net.au (was B62)
C-27 Australian  1978     463  Pimlico            Sydney, Australia      Michael Costa MCosta(at)efic.gov.au
C-27 Australian  1978-9                           Sydney, Australia      Robin Pidd rpidd(at)bigpond.net.au
C-27 Australian  1981          Burong             Perth, Australia       Chris McDonald candm(at)mydesk.net.au
C-27 Australian  1980          Isola Bella        Brisbane, Aust.        Ian M icmortl(at)caltex.com.au 
C-27 Australian  1981  VIC496  Demi Sec           Arlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland, Aust. Phil Solomon, Gordon Solomon curragh1(at)bigpond.com
C-8.3(prototype) 1977          Coco 2             Australia              Tony S. Legg tonyslegg(at)iprimus.com.au (was Farrago)
C-8.3            1977                             Mystic, CT             Val valiansn(at)aol.com 
C-8.3            197           WaterMark          Santa Rosa Beach, FL   Mark Austin maark(at)gnt.net
C-8.3            1977     002  Passing Wind       Martinez, CA           David Dyke ddyke(at)axarosenberg.com
C-8.3            1977          Ndo Kaloba         Dunkirk, NY            Chris Mathewson kath_lean1(at)yahoo.com
C-8.3            1977          Sapphire           Sackets Harbor, NY     (boatraderonline.com 8/2002)
C-8.3            1977          Nayope             Titusville, FL         (for sale on eBay 2/2003)
C-8.3            1977          Salacious Crumb                           Dave davestarbuck(at)hotmail.com
C-8.3            1977          Melody             Bay City, MI           Daniel Staples d1staples(at)hotmail.com
C-8.3            1977          Darkstar           Clearwater, FL         Ivan Bernier IBERNIER(at)email.msn.com
C-8.3            1977    7005  Encore             Hope, ID               Bill & Kathy Jacobson WJENC279(at)aol.com 656781
C-8.3            1977    7007                     Norht East, MD         (McDaniels 3/2002)
C-8.3            1977    7011  Babar              Kingston, Ont, CAN     Alex Munro alex.munro.r(at)gmail.com (po Donna & Bob Johnston-Nepean)
C-8.3            1977    7018  Aurora             Wilson, NY             (po Charlie & Jody Miller  nrthcost(at)velocity.net)
C-8.3            197       22  Altair                                    
C-8.3            1977    7027  Suddenly One SummerGwynns Island, VA      Thomas G Jenkins jenkinst(at)whitlock.com
C-8.3            1977    7028  Dream Chaser       Long Beach, CA         Bruce Clark jibsheet38(at)aol.com
C-8.3            1977    7032  Liberte            Gloucester, MA         Mark A Laliberte mark.laliberte(at)iis.varian.com
C-8.3            1977    7040  Perahu             Hartfield, VA          Jim Barker jbarker(at)bdrnet.com (po Stewart Gahagan)
C-8.3            1977    7044  Escape             Myrtle Beach, SC       Justin Style justryd(at)yahoo.com
C-8.3            1977    7050  Sara T             Deale, MD              Ned Tyler emtyler(at)comcast.net (po was Stephen Gauss astro(at)erols.com was Magic)
C-8.3            1977    7060  À Cause            Matane, Quebec, Canada Roger Lefebvre Roger.Lefebvre(at)PWGSC.GC.CA
C-8.3            1977    7065  Aerie              Walker, MN             Mike Schowalter Michael.Schowalter(at)centimark.com (Kevin Faust kfaust(at)rea-alp.com ex Backforty)
C-8.3            1977    7074  Southern Comfort   Pensacola, FL          David Blevins dntgvasht(at)yahoo.com
C-8.3            1977    7082  Sheela-na-gig      Ontario, Canada        Jason Smyth smythj(at)hotmail.com
C-8.3            1979    7085  Orane              Victoria, BC Canada    Brian Fitzgerald oceansmagic(at)telus.net
C-8.3            1977    7091  Windswept          Brisbane, CA           Mike Carey  mcarey(at)mtcarey.com
C-8.3            1977    7098  Whisper            Lancaster, VA          Allen Fredd afredd(at)richmond.edu
C-8.3            1977    7608  Euphoria           Lottsburg, VA          Mike Geissinger mikeg(at)mikegphotos.com
C-8.3            1977    7102  Patriotic Dream    Chicago, IL            (Joel Busboom Joel_Busboom(at)hotmail.com ebay 6/06 po Jeffrey Pinegar jpinegar(at)ameritechcell.com ex Fan Sea Lady)
C-8.3            1978          Pneuma II          Muskegon, MI            Dan VanKalker dan(at)dvkinc.com 
C-8.3            1979    7158  Gale II            Sturgeon Bay, WI       Duane Lones dewey(at)itol.com (was Lucia)
C-8.3(scrapped04)1977    7189                     Port Clinton, OH       Gary Vigorito Gvigorito(at)msn.com
C-8.3            1979    7195  Water Gypsy        Daytona Beach, FL      William Ervin w.j.ervin(at)worldnet.att.net
C-8.3            1979    7214  On The Edge        Fort Erie, Ontario     Howard & Lois Vokey hvokey(at)becon.org
C-8.3            1977    8073  In Like Flynn      Delaware River, PA     (for sale on eBay 10/04)
C-8.3            1979    8114  Namaka             San Diego, CA          DJ Horton dj_horton(at)yahoo.com
C-8.3            1979    8115  Rainbow Chaser     Superior, WI           J. R. Holm & L. J. Burg jr27sail(at)yahoo.com
C-8.3            1978    8117  Kudu               Freeport, NY           Sea Scout Troop John Harding jrexhard(at)optonline.net
C-8.3            1978                             Edmonton, Alberta, CAN Dan Gillis mabelle(at)look.ca
C-8.3            1978    8128  Elan               Marblehead, OH         Tom Henderson & Brenda Hollensen  elann(at)bright.net
C-8.3            1978    8136  Southern Gayle     Satellite Beach, FL    Eugene "Gene" Andrew Smith Jr gsmith811(at)cfl.rr.com (po Bill Gardiner katebill(at)bellsouth.net ex Fore Play)
C-8.3            1978     137  Tupelo Honey       Solomons, MD           Bruce & Dorothy Williams  (po Jeff & Bob Scott rjscott(at)erols.com)
C-8.3            1978    8146  Morning Glory      Melbourne, FL          Robert A. Boska rboska(at)juno.com
C-8.3            1978    8148  Special K          Norfolk, VA            (po Jim Lant jimlant(at)cox.net)
C-8.3            1978    8150                     Annapolis, MD          Jeff & Lane Burritt jeffburritt(at)excite.com (po seascouts ex SSTV Columbia - Skipper Bruce Johnson, commodore(at)seascout.org)
C-8.3            1978    8152  Stargazer          St. Clair Shores, MI   (po Maurice King sailormo(at)msn.comfor sale on eBay 11/2005)
C-8.3            1978     154  Mandala            Willsboro, NY          Hyrum H Huskey Jr. telltale(at)verizon.net (po Mary & John Toomey toomey(at)chesapeake.net was Second Wind)
C-8.3            1978     155  Cetus              southeast AK           Brady Scott bradyscott(at)hotmail.com
C-8.3            1978     164  Parti'             East Hampton, NY       Christopher Di Sunno Chris(at)DiSunnoArchitecture.com
C-8.3            1978    8170  Sea Lyon           Rosehaven, MD          Chad & Marion Joyce CHADJOYCE(at)aol.com
C-8.3            1978     178  Rose               Jacksonville, FL       Philip & Jeanne Edwards  phil.edwards(at)siemens.com (po George Both, Jr>
C-8.3            1978    8186                     Seattle, WA            David Thompson davidt(at)eburg.com
C-8.3            1978    8192  Raspberry          Norwalk, CT            (POs Lois Snyder)
C-8.3            1978          Norwegian Wood     Muskegon, MI           Erik Ingolfsrud erik_ingolfsrud(at)avionics.bfg.com
C-8.3            1978          Temerity           Mobjack Bay, VA        Kory and Shawna Priestley Kjpslg(at)aol.com (PO was Richard W Dugger)
C-8.3            1979          Forever Young      Havre de Grace, MD     (yachtworld 8/06)
C-8.3            1979     197  Southern Cross     Slidell, LA            Mark W. Shirley asvrus(at)bellsouth.net
C-8.3            1979     211  Cayo Hueso         Annapolis, MD          Peter & Glenda Huyser (po Brad Bock bbtvr(at)yahoo.com)
C-8.3            1979     213  Neptuno            Progreso Yuc. Mexico   Manuel Escoffie escoffie(at)tunku.uady.mx
C-8.3            1979          Tubby              Annapolis, MD          Bruce Boswell thebruce55(at)comcast.net
C-8.3            1979     179  La Yu              St. Clair Shores, MI   Don Schulte caschuw(at)gmail.com
C-8.3            1979          Mother Goose       Dunkirk, NY            Chris Mathewson kath_lean1(at)msn.com>
C-8.3            1979          Cent' Anni         Harve de Grace, MD     Emrich Stellar estellar(at)itw.com
C-8.3            1979          Barefoot           Baltimore, MD          Rob Holmes rwholmes(at)comcast.net 
C-8.3            1979          Psyco Dad          Kemah, TX              (po Bob Brantley PSYCODAD52(at)msn.com)
C-8.3            1979          Grumpy             Warwick, RI            William Anderson william.anderson(at)windriver.com (poJohn Newsham JWNewsham(at)aol.com)
C-8.3            1979          Second Chance      Gulfport, MS           (eBay 12/05 after being sunk in hurricane Katrina)
C-8.3            1981     221  Walk Softly        Key Biscayne, FL       Torri & Dave Murphy murph43(at)earthlink.net
C-8.3            1978    8226  #8226
C-8.3            1981     235  Norsaga            Ste-Foy, Quebec, CAN   (ex Windward Sea po Jean-Paul Rivard)
C-8.3            1981     236  Koinonia           New Buffalo, MI        Tim & Deb Willis twillis(at)csinet.net
C-8.3            1981     239  Papillon V         Montr?, Qu?c, Cda      Jacques & Evelyne Arbour jacques.arbour(at)sympatico.ca
C-8.3            1981     240  Shoosh III         Burlington, Ontario    Don Morrier dmorrier(at)lara.on.ca
C-8.3            1979     279? Sampii             Fort Worth, TX         Steve & Vicki Brown slb(at)flash.net
C-28             19                               Daytona Beach, FL      Gary Clayton chefnola(at)msn.com 
C-28             19            Free Spirit        Seattle, WA            David Brooks
C-28                           Sea Reach          Oceanside, CA          Kenneth Houser luv4sailing(at)nctimes.net
C-28                                              San Diego, CA          Daphne Fletcher
C-28                           Laughin Lady       South Bend, IN         (reported by George I 3/2004)
C-28             19            Happy Hours        Tacoma, WA             John Adams john(at)yachtsone.com
C-28             1967       4  Centurion          Santa Monica, CA       Joseph Schromen schromen(at)brandx.net
C-28             1967       8  Winds' Will        Duluth, MN             Art Albertson arta(at)pop3.spacestar.net
C-28             1967       9  Dulcinea           San Diego, CA          Larry and Charli Hausam hausam(at)sbcglobal.net 
C-28             1967      15  Out Board          San Diego, CA/Wrangell AK Don Roher DONROHER(at)aol.com
C-28             196?      19  Windchaser         Galesville, MD         George Hartman sgnlm8n(at)aol.com
C-28             196?      22  Yei' bi' Chei      Richmond, CA           Shirlene K. Shirley and Tina M. Parmley t-parmley(at)cox.net
C-28             1968      36  Seventh Heaven     Marina Del Rey, CA     Ron & Jane Cooper ronandjanecooper@mac.com 
C-28             196?      50                     Edenton, NC            Bob & Jackie Partin bpartin(at)newvisionhg.com
C-28             196?      74                     Cape Cod, MA           Mark Duerr mdozer15(at)aol.com
C-28             1968          Fitella            Solomons, MD           (eBay 6/06)
C-28             1968                             Long Beach, CA         Bruce & Wendy Hatchett objectsofgrace(at)aol.com
C-28             1968          click here         Coconut Grove, FL      Vince cptvince(at)yahoo.com 
C-28             1968          Mehialani          San Diego, CA          (eBay 8/2002)
C-28             1968          Annelie            Berkeley, CA           Ed Elliott aguazul1947(at)yahoo.com
C-28             1968          Streaker III       Baltimore, MD          Alex Gardiner amgardiner(at)comcast.net
C-28             1968      83  Halfeach           Long Island Sound, NY  Joe & Barbara Milyko HALFEACH(at)aol.com
C-28             1968      88  Lorelei            Clinton, CT            Tim Foley pressman(at)machine1.com
C-28             1968      91  Froggy             Ocean Springs, MS      Jack & Beth Riley rileyphr(at)bellsouth.net
C-28             1968      92  Sea Mist           Boston, MA             Trish Beguine99(at)aol.com
C-28             1968      95  Emily Marie        Oswego, NY             Jay F. Peterson jayfp(at)twcny.rr.com (po was  John McLaughlin, was An-Haga of Iowa City, Iowa; Dao Dante of Manitowac, WI))
C-28             1968      97  Antares            Columbia, LA           Jim Crawley sypert(at)caldwell.org
C-28             1968      99  Georobal           Annapolis, MD          George H.(Jack) & Sharon Fettus    jack.fettus(at)erols.com (was Edelweiss)
C-28             1969     103  Corrival                                  Jerry Simoneaux jerry(at)simoneaux.com 
C-28             1968     107  Gaudi              Avila Beach, CA        Richard & Donna Cassera cassera(at)msn.com
C-28             1968     115                     South Daytona, FL      Ken Stackpoole stackpok(at)bellsouth.net
C-28             1968     127  Cioppino           Nordland, WA           Clayton Zimmerman gooseinasailboat(at)metacrawler.com (po Bryan & Dee Dee Helgeson BnDHelgy(at)comcast.net)
C-28             1968     128  Happy House        Santa Barbara, CA      Scott Pearson scottp(at)condoreng.com
C-28             1968     135  Gypsy Wind         San Diego, CA          Mark Mayer mayers(at)san.rr.com
C-28             1968     144  Serena             San Leandro, CA        Chuck Kruskamp ckruskam(at)ansonindustries.com
C-28             1968     162  The Duke           St. Catharines Ont CAN Dave Kenny dkenny3(at)cogeco.ca
C-28             1968     167  Mairi              Holland, MI            Mike Faull sailmairi(at)excite.com
C-28             1968     169  169                Glen Burnie, MD        (for sale on eBay 1/05)
C-28             1969     173  173                Canada                       
C-28             1967     181  Full House         Lake Champlain, NY     Bill Gall billgall(at)videotron.ca
C-28             1967     184  Content            Norfolk, VA            Ronald Peterman rrpeterman(at)verizon.net( po Shaun Squyres snyper1(at)earthlink.net, ex ContentT)
C-28             1968     188  Free Sailing       Erie, PA               Tom & Kathy Freeman fremns(at)aol.com
C-28             1968     189  Gypsy              Baltimore, MD          Ray Adey www.gypsysailor80(at)aol.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     190  Naiad              Victoria, BC           Nigel Hunter wstofer(at)telus.net
C-28             19       191  SeaBiscuit         Midmar Dam, Kwazulu Natal South Africa Greg Froud gregfroud(at)telkomsa.net (po Don Polley tps.wood(at)freemail.absa.co.za *reported to have circumnavigated)
C-28             1968     199  Maruca             La Parguera, PR        Carlos & Monserrate Oritz carlos.oritz(at)worldnet.att.net
C-28             1968          Aldonza            Tacoma, WA             Mark Feldhaus tahoma802(at)email.msn.com
C-28             1968     205  Irish Mist         Alamitos Bay, CA       Scott & Jocelyn Atkinson scottandjoc(at)earthlink.net
C-28             1968     216  Sinderella         Alameda, CA            Steve Latour computerexec(at)yahoo.com sail 5567 
C-28             1968     227  unknown            Monterey, CA           Capt. Pearl capt.pearl(at)yahoo.comC-28             1968     228  Republika          Dana Point, CA         Yan Edward & Pavla Burian burian39(at)hotmail.com
C-28             1968     231  Breaking Wind      Oceanside, CA          Bob Taylor tattoobob(at)surfree.com
C-28             1968     238  SeaQuill           San Diego, CA          Bill Thornton seaquill2002(at)yahoo.com
C-28             1968     245  Offshore Winds     Oceanside, CA          Mike Singer MJSINGER1(at)aol.com
C-28             1968     252  Bewicked           New Orleans, LA        (was '72 Ben Haveman, William Ransom; '79 John I. Hulse & John I. Hulse IV WZN-6578)
C-28             1968     257  No Surrender       Hamilton, Ontario      Michael Bittle mbittle(at)newfocus.net
C-28             1969          Incipient          New Buffalo, MI        (yachtworld.com 8/06)
C-28             1969     265  Marie Elena III    Sheffield, OH          Kenn Paprocki kennpaprocki(at)msn.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     269  Lagniappe          Fairhope, AL           John Henderson johnhend(at)juno.com
C-28             1969                             Dennis, MA             Chris Downing Flyacub14(at)aol.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     270  Seaquill           Fairhaven, MA          Roger Galipeau frontandcenter(at)earthlink.net
C-28 (scrapped)  1969     273                     Rockford, IL           (Thierry Leonard thierry662(at)yahoo.com reported scrapped 3/2004)
C-28             1968     277  Tamara Lee Ann     Oakland, CA            Doug Thorne dougt(at)thorneasset.com
C-28             1969     281  Aries              Lake Champlain, VT     Ray & Carla Green agnesinn(at)gmail.com
C-28 Mk II       1970     282  Kinsale            Shark River, NJ        John Radtke jradtke(at)monmouth.com
C-28 Mk II       1972     285  Matsu III          Lake Charles, LA       Ike Stewart ikes(at)beau.lib.la.us (po Michael & Junellen Neese mneese(at)wt.net, po Dennis Fitzgerald)
C-28 Mk II       1974     287                     Lake Ozark, MO         Mike Kellas john0746(at)mail.lakeozarks.net
C-28 Mk II       19??     289  Moon River         Penetanguishene, ONT   Gary Glaude gglaude(at)hotmail.com  
C-28 Mk II       1968     292                     Melbourne, Aust        Peter Vela petervela(at)yahoo.com
C-28 Mk II       1968     298  Miss Behavior      Richmond Hill, GA      Daniel H. Grant danielgrant(at)msn.com
C-28             1968     303  Pyxis              San Diego, CA          (po Rich Flammer richflammer(at)cox.net)
C-28             1968     309  unknown            Foster City, CA        (sold on eBay 10/03)
C-28             1969     314  Sea-Deuce          Seattle, WA            Craig Beverly craigb(at)drizzle.com (po was Dan Simmons daniel.b.simmons(at)boeing.com)
C-28             1968     328  Night Passage      San Diego, CA          Lori Saldana & Tim Baumgartner lsaldana76(at)netconnection.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     330  Yemaya             Everett, WA            Walt Pierce nw_radio(at)yahoo.com (was Newfie II)
C-28             1968     337  Summer Breeze      Dana Point, CA         Jerry Doe Jerry(at)fea.net
C-28             1968     338                     Oceanside, CA          
C-28             1968     342  Athena             Long Island, NY        
C-28             1968     346  Uptick             Berkeley, CA           Mack Burnham resdata(at)dnai.com
C-28             1970     360  Haida Rainbow      Victoria BC Canada     (po John & Joan Scullion jscullion(at)home.com)
C-28             1969     362  Winged Lady        Dana Point, CA         Kris Bell ktbell734460(at)yahoo.com (po Rick & Jana Murphy murphy1941(at)msn.com)
C-28             1969     366  Omigosh            Austin, TX             Tom Giesberg & Melissa Giesberg tomeandmelissa(at)giesberg.net
C-28             1969     367  Wahine             Long Beach, CA         (po Frank & Tammy Parkinson frank.parkinson at sbcglobal.net)
C-28             1969     368  hull 368           Yuma, AZ               (for sale eBay 9/05)
C-28             1969     369  unknown            Yuma, AZ               (eBay 12/06)
C-28             1969     371  Capricious         Ventura, CA            Rick Moser rick(at)rickmoser.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     372  Dream Quest        Camarillo, CA          Bob Glueck bob(at)leasenet.com
C-28             1969     382  Pinta              Comox, BC, Canada      Ryan Mitchell ryan(at)salter-newell.com
C-28             1969     388  Quintessence       Monterey, CA           Haflidi H. Jonsson hjonsson(at)nps.navy.mil
C-28             1969     390  The Monica Marie   Nassau Bay, TX         Kenny Kenny(at)texasmortgagefunding.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     398                     Mazatlan, MEX          Julio Freyre Bueso freyre(at)acnet.net
C-28 Mk II       1969     399  Sunlit Silence     Long Beach, CA         Ross & Carol Turnbull rcturnbull(at)earthlink.net
C-28 Mk II       1969     404  Wabeek             Lake St. Clair, MI     James Couzens CouzensJ(at)tacom.army.mil
C-28             1968     407  Spirit             Monroe, MI             James C Lang jclang(at)provide.net
C-28(lost to Rita '05)'69 409  Dream Weaver       Lake Charles, LA       Duane Hendry dhendry(at)gate.net (po David Smith dk_smith97(at)email.msn.com)
C-28             1969     414  Family Tyz         Narragansett Bay, RI   Don & Susan Meegan afm1013(at)gis.net
C-28             1968     417  Skaphe             Edgemere, MD           (sold on eBay 1/04 Walter Fenner walterfenner(at)hotmail.com)
C-28             1969     423  Legal-Ease         Erie, PA               Thomas Lent tmlent(at)mdwcg.com
C-28             1969     425  Cap'n Crunch       Buffalo, NY            Jeff Cooke JCOOKE(at)courts.state.ny.us (po Roland O'Brien roland693(at)hotmail.com was Love After Love)
C-28             1969     436  Time Enough                               John Llewellyn John.Llewellyn(at)msichicago.org
C-28             1969     439  Simon-Pure         Stamford, CT           Stephen Janes StephenJ(at)BLYTHEDALE.ORG (was Pizzazz) 
C-28             1969          Solent Fox         Panama City, FL        Jared Kwitowski jared.kwitowski(at)tyndall.af.mil
C-28 Mk II       1968          KaryKeion          Oxnard, CA             Tania Gillick Vfrgrrl(at)aol.com
C-28             1969     450  Kaatskill          Jordan Creek, NC       Matt Dillard mdd277(at)gmail.com (po Steven Denis notajeep(at)nc.rr.com)
C-28 Mk II       1970          Road Warrior       Concord, NC            John Beeker jab53(at)vnet.net
C-28 Mk II       1970     459  Kahana             Chicago, IL            Dan McDermott mcdermott.dan(at)comcast.net
C-28 Mk II       1970     460  Pallatin           Port Huron, MI         Gary & Carolynn Bugaiski mennonite02(at)aol.com 
C-28 Mk II       1970     461  Turn About         Perrin River, VA       Tom & Christina Cramer tandccramer(at)ccsinc.com
C-28 Mk II       1970     464  Latitude Chaser    Lake Norman, NC        Rick Wright latitude_chaser(at)yahoo.com (ex Pairadice)
C-28             1970     465  name?              Rodanthe, NC           (eBay 7/06)
C-28 Mk II       1969     469  MissTickle         Solomons Island, MD    (po was Mike Walter mach1(at)mail.uzoom.net)
C-28 Mk II       1971     488  hull 488           
C-28 Mk II       197      490                     Solomons Island, MD    (reported by John Lamb j_david_lamb(at)yahoo.com title 470/plate 490)
C-28 Mk II       1970     493  Mistral            Lake St. Claire        Brian & Jennifer Semivan Bjsemivan(at)aol.com (POs Doug & Julie Semivan)
C-28 Mk II       1970     501  Moonraker          Long Beach, CA         Bob Hesse roberth(at)prodigy.net.mx
C-28             1969     508  Cloud Nine         Long Beach, CA         Mark & Dee DeVilbiss nikolaii(at)earthlink.net
C-28             1969     509  Margaux            Sausalito, CA          Patrick Hind-Smith phsmith(at)wsgc.com (pos Chuck Kruskamp, Will Claren will(at)inow.com ex Chaos, Jessi Ann)
C-28             19       520                                            saberty(at)yahoo.com
C-28             1970          Sea Gull           Woodbridge, VA         (for sale eBay 5/06 54440046)
C-28             1970     521  Redhead            Semiahmoo, WA          Jon Kirk JonKirk01(at)cs.com
C-28 Mk II       1970     522  hull 522           Missoula, MT           Luke S. ljs(at)montana.com
C-28 Mk II       1970     523  Bootlegger         Seattle, WA            Keith Cooper/Tyler Stone krcooper(at)att.com
C-28 Mk II       1969     525  Over Tyme II       Long Beach, CA         Tom Clayton thomas.clayton(at)jpl.nasa.gov
C-28             1970          Mabel Jean         Dana Point, CA         Duke Pitteroff duke(at)danmans.com
C-28 Mk II       1970     530  Government Surplus Berkeley, CA           Doug Swanson doug_swanson(at)comcast.net
C-28 Mk II       1973     532  Wachacallit        Dana Point, CA         Mike Neben mneben(at)anaheimchamber.org newsms(at)aol.com
C-28 Mk II       1971     547  Wind Singer        Redwood City, CA       Jesse Doyle jess81452(at)comcast.net
C-28 Mk II       1970     600  After You          Hanahan, SC            Lance Wessinger drftingfromshor(at)yahoo.com 528180
C-28 Mk II       1969     728  Wind's Will        Duluth, MN             Arthur M. Albertson arta(at)pop3.spacestar.net
C-28             1969    1869  Ariel              Port Orchid, WA        Doug & Carol Packard
C-28             1970          Ariel              Panama City, FL        mm6018(at)knology.net 
C-28 Mk II       1970          Mongoose           Youngstown, NY         Brian J. Oliver oliver(at)alpha.sunyniagara.cc.ny.us
C-28 Mk II       1970   10094  Xtra Virgin        Sausalito, CA          Alex Moyers alexgeo(at)ricochet.net
C-28 Mk II       1971          Jessica II         Seattle, WA            Pete DeLaunay DeLaunComm(at)aol.com
C-28 Mk II       1972          Darian Ashley II   Nederland, TX          Jeff Lansford jcrazy(at)tmail.com
C-28 Mk II       1973          Honeybear          Fort Lauderdale, FL    (for sale boatraderonline 5/05)
C-28 Mk II       1973    5103  Kit-Katz Toy       Poquosion, VA          Earl Burgess elsailor2000(at)yahoo.com (po Scott Cathcart thoreaujr(at)cox.net ex Gumption, French Hen)
C-28 Mk II       1973          Dolphin            Key West, FL           (for eBay 8/06)
C-28 Mk II       1975     085  Layla              Havre de Grace, MD     Dino Rulli rullid(at)yahoo.com 
C-28 Mk II       1975          Coanda             W. Vancouver, BC CAN   Jay Farquharson Jay_Farquharson(at)dynapro.com
C-28 Mk II       1975          MiRiAm K           Ottawa River, CAN      Geoff & Romie Kelland kelland(at)nortelnetworks.com
C-28 Sailcraftr  19??          Ariel              Snoqualmie, WA         John House & Clay Walton-House johnhouse509@msn.com (SLC5022105773282)
C-8.7 (28')                    Sail la vie        Toronto, CAN           Dave & Diane Webb rdwebb(at)home.com
C-8.7 (28')                    Fretless           Lorain, OH             (po Jim compwood(at)prodigy.net)
C-8.7 (28')                    Individual Medley  Georgian Bay           Paul Thompson jfthompson(at)globalserve.net
C-8.7 (28')      1976          Windflower         Lake Superior          Nelson Stone uccyank(at)dtgnet.com
C-8.7 (28')      1976          Mystique           Big Pine Key, FL       midrivdude (eBay 7/06)
C-8.7 (28')      1976       4  Psyche             Darien, GA             Daniel Grant danielgrant(at)msn.com (po Dr. David & Marie Parker ctn92719(at)centurytel.net ex Final Approach)
C-8.7 (28')      1976       5  Rolling Stones     Wilson, NY             Bob Stone rmstone277(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1976       6  Purple Onion       Tallahassee, FL        Jim Lambeth sunnydaze(at)cyberdude.com (po Robert "Tex" Emery zpurpleonion(at)hotmail.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1976      13  Hannah             Marion, MA             Bill Keefe wkeefe33(at)jlc.net (po? Dirk A. D. Smith dirk(at)alexander.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1976          Namasté                                   (po Lori Dee Hand ldh7843(at)aol.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1977          Wind Flower        Kershaw, SC            Chris Hinson chris(at)direcway.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     163  Gazoo              Seba Beach, AB         Allan and Vicky Day althedieselguy(at)gmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     713  Megan Jean         Noank, CT              Lawrence Smith sarsman7(at)hotmail.com (po Fran Piacente fpiacente(at)aol.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1976    6010  unknown            Mathews, MD            (eBay 1/07)
C-8.7 (28')      1976     014  Charity            Valparaiso, FL         Dave Mason dmason9999(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1976    6019  Theopneustos       Hance Point, MD        Ted Lupien (po Jim Giffing jgiffing(at)csc.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1976    6026  justus             Glen Oban, MD          (ebay 9/04)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7027  Changes in Atitude Jordan Creek, NC       Paul Bailey pbaileyjr(at)bellsouth.net (ex Gafia)
C-8.7 (28')      1976    7029  Serenity II        St. Petersburg, FL     (po George Zeller  gzeller(at)tampabay.rr.com)
C-8.7            1977          Vagabond           Long Beach, MS         Earl Marriott edmii(at)cox.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977                             Victoria, B.C., CAN    Bruce D. Scott bscott(at)coastnet.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977                             Seabrook, TX           Pat Aguillard ISAILISLANDER28(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1976      31  Full Sail          Solomons, MD           Rob Fowler sailr4(at)yahoo.com (po John Stevenson stevenjo(at)erols.com, was Vela Llena)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7032  Wind Song          Norfolk,VA             Bob James rwj47(at)hotmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977      34  FUI                Dana Point, CA         John Atkinson johna(at)gnp.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977      35  Angel Wings        Hance Point, MD        Rob Gaul robg2neco(at)netscape.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7039  Mental Floss       Washington, NC         Bruce and Deeanna Bennett brubennett(at)coastalnet.com
C-8.7 (28')      1976     043  Conundrum          Dania Beach, FL        Andrew Gealt andrewgealt(at)yahoo.com
C-8.7            1977    7047  Clarity            Oriental, NC           Eric & Lisa Terwilliger ricktwig(at)charter.net 336-599-1959
C-8.7 (28')      1977     052  Phoenix            Pasadena, MD           Robert Miller columbia_u2(at)yahoo.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977      55  no name                      MD           (seen on the West River, 6/06)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     056  Diamond Cutter     Bayfield, WI           Lewis Anderson lew(at)mobius.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977     058  Teacher's Pet      Philadelphia, PA       Pamela & Tom McCue TMcCueR(at)cs.com 
C-8.7 (28')      1977     060  Allaboutme         Deltaville, VA         Larry Wilson RadicalCy(at)Yahoo.com (po Jean-Paul Peron captainjp(at)hotmail.com ex Parrot Bay)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7061  Tomoko             Solomons Island, MD    Jim & Kathleen Mueller jimmymueller(at)hotmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7072  Changes in Attitude Jordan Creek, NC      Rick Matthews greencats999(at)yahoo.com (po Paul Bailey pbaileyjr(at)bellsouth.net)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7073  Princess Thalia    Ontario, CN            Yanni Nikopoulos letsgosailing(at)ymail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7079                                            Mike Kaplan mkaplan(at)kapcom.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     084  Bellavia           Port Wing, WI          Michael Burns mjbkdb(at)comcast.net  (po Gary Felix gfelix1(at)cox.net)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     086  Ohana              Isleton, CA            Thom King Dogbar1(at)Aol.com (PO was Dan Simonsen)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7089  Drakkar            Groton, CT             Joseph H Bednarz jbednarz2(at)cox.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7091  Forward            Oriental, NC           CW & Bonnie Gaskill gask_7748(at)bellsouth.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7092  Pearl       Anderson, SC           Tim Crane tcrane29664(at)yahoo.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7093  Pondamour          Montreal, CAN          Daniel Duchesne m.s.f.(at)videotron.ca
C-8.7 (28')      1977     094  Duet               Waldoboro, ME          Dustin Pease dspease(at)rocketmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977          Willie Mae II      Portland, OR
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7102  Joshua H           Fethiye, Turkey        Ross Everson ross_everson(at)hotmail.com (po Julian Cheasley cheasley(at)un.org, Jim Hagan) 579769
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7105  Reflections        Kentucky Lake, KY      Ray & Sheri Tucker rtucker(at)apex.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977     107  Papillon           Annapolis, MD          Gary Dixon MRGWD(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     110  Albion             Milwaukee, WI          (po was Gary Mertl gmertl(at)worldnet.att.net)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     118  Chablis            Philadelphia, PA       Douglas Smith wanderer(at)hotmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     119  Summerlove         Rochester, NY          Terry Allen tallen01(at)rochester.rr.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7124  Deanie             Galveston, TX          Mark White Marklw(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7139  Magie              Pentwater, MI          Norm Bush Storm1N(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     155  Manuku             Oxnard, CA             Burton & Toni Hughes burtonhughes1(at)gmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    7157  Forever            Mobile, AL             Vince & Kit Arbour sva3(at)yahoo.com sva3(at)excite.com (po Ron Coules forever(at)sunline.net shown on Yachtsalvge.com Hurricane Katrina)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     164  Empty Nest         St. Simons Island, GA  Bruce Porter brainspn(at)gate.net
C-8.7 (28')      1977     168  Semiramis          Stockton, CA           Mark and Kathi Banks Mark(at)Banksglass.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7172  Island Girl        Pasadena, MD           (eBay 9/05. sold 2/04? po Michael & Pam McEwen Downwind26(at)aol.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     173  Zingara            Eddyville, KY          Denny & Coral Sprouse  sprousetravel(at)gmail.com  (po Al & Sue Peloso  peloso(at)home.com) 
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7176  Capella            Harbour Grace, NF. Can Paul Stevenson paul.stevenson(at)nf.sympatico.ca (po Bill Peddle wpeddle(at)nfld.com)
C-8.7 destroyed  1977    7178  Kismet             Jacksonville, FL       Mike Cole (ex Tres Angeles lost to Hurricane Frances 2004)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7179  Chi Lin            Chicago, IL            Jim & Yanan Haring jharing(at)juno.com (po Bob Reiser, ex Vela II)
C-8.7 (28')      1976     180  Forever            Sydney, Australia      Ron Loffeld ron.loffeld(at)compaq.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     181  Sans Fruscins      Biloxi, MS             Fred & Gayle Billfred5(at)aol.comGray 
C-8.7 (28')      1977     189  Margalo            Mystic, CT             Ed Mini edmini(at)inftek.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7204  Winddancer         Portsmouth, RI         Steve & Deirdre Greelish greelish(at)sonicworks.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977          Windflower         Lancaster, SC          Phil Power ppower(at)InfoAve.Net
C-8.7 (28')      1977          Whistler           Baltimore, MD          David & Heidi Waltos waltos(at)ix.netcom.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977          Shangri La         Kewaunee, WI           (po Paul & Deb Jirtle pjirtle(at)itol.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1978          Gale Force         Milwakee, WI           Tom & Sharon Gale tgale_smw(at)yahoo.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7215  Hull 215           Orlando, FL            (auctioned on Salvagedirect.com 1/05)
C-8.7 (28')      1977    7218  >Semjase           Long Beach, CA         Tom & Lynn Eckes  treckes(at)sbcglobal.net
C-8.7 (28')      1978          Grand Cru          Muskegon, MI           (yachtworld.com 8/06)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8111  C'est La Vie       North East, MD         (Bay Boat Works 3/2002)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8211  Koalafied                      MS         Bob & Brenda Jackson sail4eve(at)email.msn.com
C-8.7 (28')      19            Champagne          Staten Island, NY      Bob Pollock repollock(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1977     219                     Hartford, CT           Jack & Tom Foley foley(at)commnet.edu
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8222  Emerald Isle       Deltaville, VA         James Oliver JOliver433(at)aol.com and Kathy Benner (po was Brad Zeigler bradzeigler(at)erols.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8227  Moonshadow         Edenton, NC            Ron Fisk dockslug(at)mindspring.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8229  Sun-N-Fun          Boca Raton, FL         Michael Mackaman pilot_sailor(at)yahoo.com (PO Jean and John Eddon)
C-8.7 (28')      1978     231  Waltzing Matilda   Fairhope, AL           (po H Harrell Galloway damaged Hurricane Katrina, salvage auction 2005)
C-8.7 (28')      19            Calypso            Annapolis, MD          Ness and Steve widebodysupercruiser(at)yahoo.com (second owners)
C-8.7 (28')      1977     233  Calypso            Mayo, MD               Ness and Steve Williams sdw(at)cruisecalypso.com (second owners)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8238  Pampero IV         City Island, NY        Ken Bateman pamperoiv(at)hotmail.com (po John & Ann Somerhausen diplodocus1(at)worldnet.att.net)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8245  Dawn Treader       Frog Mortar Creek, MD  Ed & Karla Peppler ehpep(at)usa.net
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8246  Sarabande          Shelton, WA            (Lloyd '79 Jon J. Ekse 596645)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8253  C'est la Vie       Fort Lauderdale, FL    Henk & Susi Koornstra henk555(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8255  Penny Lane         Waukegan Harbor, IL    Jim, Gayle & Ryan Booth boothjg(at)ameritech.net (Jon Burnham buntori(at)snip.net ex Spark Dino, Patience)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8257  Nanny Goat         Lk. Champlain, NY      Fred & Nancy Plouffe, Pittsfield, MA
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8263  Force Majeure      Wickford, RI           Mackenzie mackenzie(at)michaelwirtzdesigner.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8264  Lily               New Bedford, MA        Jim Berry onthemooring(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8265  Bye-Bye            Savannah, GA           Pat & Richard Fraker jtarverco(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8267  Bilikin            Fairhope, AL           Pat Noonan patn44(at)yahoo.com (damaged in Katrina, restored) 607908
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8268  Silent Rush        Pensacola, FL          Cecil & Julie Minion yoaridicus(at)peoplepc.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978     272  Orgueil            Kingston, Toronto, Can Richard White wgm(at)ihorisons.net
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8278  Sashay             Des Moines, WA         Bob & Bonnie Kavanaugh kavanb(at)gte.net
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8279  Rainbow's End      Fenwick Island, DE     (Anne Venton yachtworld.com 8/06 po Kenneth Roach, John Evans; ex Road Runner)
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8282  Slow Motion        Bellingham, WA         Bonnie & Dennis Lancaster dllbjl(at)comcast.net
C-8.7 (28')      1978    8285  no name            Sandusky, OH           (eBay 6/06)
C-8.7 (28')      1978     293  Escape Hatch       Miami, FL              Sam Walker SamWalker33157(at)yahoo.com
C-8.7 (28')      1978                             New Bern, NC           (po Jim Rupkalvis leehrat(at)coastalnet.com)
C-8.7 (28')      1978          Blue Wind          Flat Rock, NC          Kip & Roberta Keller Tuxedo(at)henderson.k12.nc.us
C-8.7 (28')      1978          Irish Moss         Bridgeport, CT         Robert Killian & family Chevy711(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Debbie Sue         Deltaville, VA         (for sale boat-world.com 4/05)
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Pure Joy           North Padre Isl., TX   (dave for sale ebay 4/2/2003)
C-8.7 (28')      1979    2931  Comma              Georgetown, MD         Chuck and Molly Clerecuzio  cacruen(at)yahoo.com (po Joe Lucca joelucca(at)UDel.Edu 694878
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Mirage             Newport News, VA       John Nichols mirage2521(at)home.com
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Kalakala           Olympia, WA            Dwayne Young dwaynecyoung(at)hotmail.com
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Three Quarter Time Rose Haven, MD         Tom Burkett Tomb831(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Fretless           Lorain, OH             Jim compwood(at)prodigy.net
C-8.7 (28')      1979     302  Esprit             Harpswell, ME          Gene & Tricia Taylor taylore(at)bc.edu
C-8.7 (28')      1979    9303  Katipa             Annapolis, MD          Donna & Norman Roy royfm_00(at)hotmail.com (po was Tim Carney)
C-8.7 (28')      1979     316  Dunvegan           Newport News, VA       Jim McLeod jrmcleod(at)erols.com
C-8.7 (28')      1979     325  La Pata Algre      Pittsburg, CA          Robin Farrell julirobin(at)comcast.net
C-8.7 (28')      1979     337  Scalawag           Long Beach, CA         John & Gwen Sunderson gsunderson(at)sbcglobal.net
C-8.7 (28')      1979    9339  Voggesang          St. Paul, MN           Bruce & Kathy Piltingsrud bpilt(at)lb-link.net
C-8.7 (28')      1979          Holo-Holo          Port Charolette, FL    Stan Holloway Stan.Holloway(at)charlottefl.com 
C-8.7 (28')      1979     345  Naughty Gal        Houston, TX            John Kostelac & Susanne York john(at)johnkostelac.com (ex Minassity))
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981     358  Dragonfly          City Island, NY        Bill & Jayne Prickett sailing(at)nac.net
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981     359  Minuet             Clayton, NY            Robert Best & Anita Figueras robtbest(at)BestConsultingServices.com
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981     362  Escapade           Toronto, Canada        Louise Shekter lshekter(at)interlog.com
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981     373  Windfall           Lake Simcoe Ont., Can  Alex & Linda Brytak(at)sympatico.ca
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981     376  Burbuja            Vancouver, BC, Canada  Robert Morgan burbujasailing(at)yahoo.com burbujasailing(at)netscape.net
C-8.7 (28')      1981     378  Susurrus           Toronto, Canada        Mark & Laura Bennett (PO was Tony Cook)
C-8.7 (28')      1981     381  Southern Cross     Muskegon, MI           Jim & Wendy Winks jgwinks(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (28')      1981     385  Sunrise            Washington, DC         Jim Cannon JDC1958(at)aol.com
C-8.7 lost7/2/06 1977     438  MoonDancer         Largo, FL              Bill Casey wcasey01(at)tampabay.rr.com 
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1981      46  Cavalcade          Branford, CT           Sean Keefe smkeefe(at)msn.com
C-8.7 (28')      1981          Ganymede           Toronto, Canada        Ron Hosking rhosking(at)imimedical.com
C-8.7 (28')      1981    9397  Opa's Toy          Lion's Head, Canada    Mike Jorna mike.jorna(at)sympatico.ca
C-8.7 (28')      198?          Madness            Toronto, Canada        Michelle Wolfson mwolfson(at)hotstar.net
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1982     299  Beatnik            Lake Cornucopia, WI    Dan Noyes (saw Hughes ID plate)
C-8.7 (28')      1982          See Renity II      Summerside, PEI, Cda   Blake & Kathleen Craig blcraig(at)atcon.com
C-8.7 (28')      1983                                                    Bill Gorham GORHAMW(at)tc.gc.ca
C-8.7 (Aura)     1983     503  Raffal             Ottawa, Ontario, CAN   Gilles & Rita Archambault gilles.archambault(at)sympatico.ca
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984     520  Siren              Weehawken, NJ          Harold Silverman TexBroker(at)aol.com
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984     522  Merlot             Johnston, RI           Robert Dawson (for sale boats.com 4/05) 687216
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984          no name            Cranston, RI           Larry Holpp Larry.Holpp(at)FMR.com
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984          Vision Won         Cedar Springs, MI      (for sale yachtworld.com 7/05)
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984     529  Thriller II        Montreal, Qc, Cda      R Gauthier gauthierremi(at)msn.com
C-8.7 (Aura)     1984     532  Jabiru             Ottawa, Cda            (po was Bob & Linda Clarke lkclarke(at)magma.ca)
C-8.7 (Aura)     1985     534  Gallant Lady       Toronto, Ontario, CAN  Richard & Hindy Coleman rcolema(at)city.toronto.on.ca
C-8.7 (Aura)     1985          Norma B            Bayfield, Ontario, CAN Len & Sheila Dow thedows(at)wightman.ca  (ex Peveril)
C-8.7 (Aura)     1986          Carowin            Blaine, WA             Kathleen Greenen  grkgreenen8(at)msn.com
C-8.7 (Hughes)   1987          Happy Hour         Toronto, ON            (for sale Yachtworld.com 7/05)
C-29             196                              Berkeley, CA           Luke Blessingeer blessy12000(at)yahoo.com
C-29             196           Manatee            Batemans Bay, Aust.    "Pirate Pete" McQueen PeterMcQeenBCS(at)bigpond.com (was Forever, Avalon Sailing Club, SF, CA)
C-29             196           Nefertiti          San Carlos, CA         Tom Dutcher tom.dutcher(at)etak.com
C-29             1960       1  La Primera Luz     Berkeley, CA           Victor Vazquez   (po Robert du Domaine robwdd(at)hotmail.com)
C-29             1961       3  Tangaroa           Oxford, MD             Todd T. Taylor ttaylor(at)bollardyachts.com
C-29             1962      11  Jinbo              Pelham, NY             (Lloyds Registry'72 Robert M. Lynch was Traveler, Binkie)
C-29             1962      13  Aimee                                     Jay Walker jwalkette(at)hotmail.com
C-29             1962      18  Beau Site          Cardinal, VA           Otto Resch ottografx(at)attbi.com
C-29             1963      20  Whisper II         Grand Haven, MI        Richard & Stella Burns richard_burns_99(at)yahoo.com
C-29             1962      21  Torea              Victoria, BC, Canada   Ross Griffin rossgriffin(at)hotmail.com
C-29             1963      26  Gull               Rappahannock River, VA Jon Tidwell jonfromva(at)yahoo.com (was '72 Adrian & Ethel Gilbert)
C-29             1962      28  Plover             Coronado, CA           Jamie McArthur jfmcarthur(at)cs.com
C-29             1963      34  Amorous            Valdez, AK             Jim Joel joel_jim(at)hotmail.com (po Tom Lytle horizon1(at)ix.netcom.com)
C-29             1962      36  Panacea            Hamton, VA             Richard P. Loud rploud(at)cox.net
C-29             1962      37  Pythagoras                                Malcolm MacKinnon malmack(at)pacbell.net
C-29             1962      39  Volador            Dana Point, CA         Bob Kelly bkelly(at)ista-na.com
C-29             1962      47  Blue Moon          San Rafael, CA         Bill & Judy Hopper  Hatnhopp(at)aol.com
C-29             1963      59  Wild Rose          Big Pine Key, FL       Andy & Terry McBroom Mac86(at)earthlink.net (was Mistress II)
C-29             1963      63  Rapscallion        Hernando Beach, FL     Leland hawkhill(at)gate.net
C-29             1961      66  Blue Bottle        Milwaukee, WI          Andrew Pickard andrew_pickard(at)cargill.com (po Steven Zunker szunker(at)yahoo.com)
C-29                                                                     Anthony Roberts roberts(at)uvic.ca
C-29             1963          Silver Ocean       Anacortes, WA          (Yachtworld.com 7/05)
C-29             1964          Locke Ness         Milwaukee, WI          (for sale Yachtworld.com 3/2003)
C-29             1964                                                    Joe Hayes m65tang(at)aol.com
C-29             1964          Irresponsible Too! Aberdeen, ID           Joel & Elaine Blik patriotinsurance(at)dcdi.net (po Darrell & Tammy Shackleford" darrell02(at)adelphia.net)
C-29             1964      69                     Long Beach, CA         David Lovell lovcabs(at)earthlink.net
C-29             1963      77  Que Onda           Emeryville, CA         William Spohn boatnerd2003(at)yahoo.com
C-29             1965      85  Tranquility        Boston, MA             Jeff Gardiner jeffg(at)erols.com
C-29             196?      99  hull # 99          Staten Island, NY      Vinny VINNY100657(at)aol.com
C-29             1964     109  Equanimity                                Gary Henry ghenry(at)esisnet.com (po Aaron Reed kayakrockport(at)yahoo.com ex Equanimity, Sheer Fun,  po George Staples)
C-29             1965     111  Tovarishch         Seattle, WA            Bill & Rebecca Wellington bill(at)wellingtonfamily.net (was Nevermore)
C-29po wants info1965     112                     Neenah, WI             (po Buchta tom.buchta(at)menasha.com ex Buc-N-Dear)
C-29             1965     113  Blue Goose         Annapolis, MD          Allan Rogers arogers(at)docutec.com
C-29             1966     117  Moonduster         Indianola, WA          Dave Davis davis(at)telebyte.net
C-29             1965     118  Ahava              Cocoa Beach, FL        David Conley davidcnl(at)yahoo.com
C-29             1965     120  Grace Sea          Dana Point, CA         Jim Jacobsen jimnupac(at)fea.net jacobsen(at)ccci.org
C-29             1965     126  Sarabande          Blue Hill, ME          (Lloyd '79 Dr. Ralph Goodwin; '72 Henry F. Wanning)
C-29             1965     129  Sea Otter Too      San Diego, CA          Catherine Miller chalfant(at)cox.net
C-29             1965     131  Aspen              Pt Pleasant, NJ        Doug Soden Sailwood(at)aol.com
C-29             1965     133  Blue Moon          Redondo Beach, CA      (po Kirk Oystol koystol(at)hotmail.com)
C-29             1965     134  Sylvia             Oakland, CA            Larry Haynie lo2jones(at)yahoo.com, lhaynie(at)wccusd.k12.ca.us
C-29             1965     139  Sylvia             Oakland, CA            Larry Haynie lo2jones(at)yahoo.com, lhaynie(at)wccusd.k12.ca.us
C-29             1965     140  Mayflower          Balboa YC, Panama      Stefano Cermelli fermipan(at)sinfo.net
C-29 MkII        1965     141  Miss Trixie        NJ                     Stephen Scott CJE(at)snip.net
C-29 MkII        1966     142  name?              Taos, NM               Charles Thomas cft(at)newmex.com
C-29 MkII        1966     146  Ava Marie          Oahu, HI               Steve Goodwin advantagehawii(at)live.com
C-29 MkII        1966          Solstice           Dana Point, CA         (for sale Yachtworld.com 3/2004)
C-29             1966                             Emeryville, CA         Karla Parker karlaparker(at)earthlink.net
C-29             1966          Placebo            Mexico Beach, FL       Ralph Grimaldi gng(at)gtcom.net
C-29             1966          Camelot            Keystone Pt., FL       Renato Miranda renatto(at)bellsouth.net
C-29 MkII        1966     158  Delphine           Palm Bay, FL           (po Bill Burton wburton444(at)aol.com)
C-29 MkII        1966     160  Dolce Vita         Stratford, CT          Keith Ferrara kferrara(at)snet.net
C-29             1966     161  Double Eagle       Alameda, CA            Mike Nolan mike.nolan(at)rexam.com
C-29             1966     177  Bi-Polar           Pyne Point Marine, NJ  Jeff Brown AriousII(at)webtv.net
C-29 MkII        1966     182  Charisma           Milwaukee, WI          Kirk Schneeberg kirk(at)schneeberg.us
C-29 MkII        1966     183  Sandia III         Ft. Munroe, VA         (Lloyd '72 John Hanna WD-2349)
C-29 MkII        1967     193  Tegolin            Philadelphia, PA       Andrew Conn andrewconn(at)earthlink.net (po Nick Phillips tegolin(at)hotmail.com, ex Lovely Martha)
C-29 MkII        1966     196  Susie Blue         Fairport, OH           David White dwhite(at)orwell.net (po Dr. Jeremy Sykes ssykes(at)optonline.net jsykes(at)mail.nasboces.org)
C-29             1966     208  Cherié        Bayview, ID                 Kent and Robin DeWolf rdewolf7(at)gmail.com (po Tim Guy Starboard48(at)aol.com)
C-29 MkII        1966     214  Robin Lynne        San Diego, CA          Mike & Robin Lynne Lawton badsam(at)earthlink.net
C-29             1966     221  Joel III           Scituate, MA           (Lloyds Registry '72 J.R. Grimm WQ-6561)
C-29 MkII        1966     222  Ceilidh            Midland, ON, Canada    Tom Hurlbut thulbut(at)suncor.com
C-29             1966     235  Orion              Bayside, NY            Jack Rush jrush(at)ncds.org
C-29 MkII        1967     248  Arcadia            Huntington, NY         (po was Harold H. Apt HaroldHApt(at)aol.com)
C-29 MkII        1967     257  Trinity            Marina Del Rey, CA     Joseph & Robin Couto joecouto1(at)aol.com
C-29             1966     262                                            Armando Nienhuser uvavista(at)hotmail.com
C-29 MkII        1967     300  Second Wind        Eden, NC               Randy Hayes columbia29(at)earthlink.net
C-29 MkII        1968     303  Therapy            Philadelphia, PA       Andrew Conn andrewconn(at)earthlink.net (po Karl & Ginny Heim webekg(at)msn.com)
C-29 MkII        1968     304  Isis               Ft. Myers, FL          JD Dupre svisis(at)softhome.net
C-29             1967     383  Spindrift          Chicago, IL            Dee Wernette wernettd(at)smtplink.dis.anl.gov
C-29             1967                                                    John Bakunin j.bakunin(at)worldnet.att.net
C-29             1964     419  Blue Jeanne        Catawba Island, OH     John Bresnan bresnan(at)bright.net
C-29 MkII        1967          Desta              Sausalito, CA          (for sale Yachtworld.com 4/2007)
Defender         196           no name            San Diego, CA          Robert G. & Carla L. Nowak rgnowak(at)home.com
Defender         1963      50  Second Wind        Marietta, GA           Ed & Connie Schaeffer sail20run(at)aol.com
Defender         1963      59  A Toda Vela                               (oo A Von Wetter)
Defender         1963      60  Don't Panic        Port Angeles, WA       Dan & Pam Williamson pamelaslists(at)yahoo.com
Defender         1963      61  Someday Lady       Long Beach, CA         Tom Paijt thamma49(at)yahoo.com (po Earl Biederman)
Defender (4 sale)1965      62                     Fairport, VA           Andrew Klavon KLAVONAC(at)yahoo.com
Defender         1963      72  Dutch Mist         San Pedro, CA          David Post dpost3(at)earthlink.net
Defender         196?      73                                            Brett & Shannon Spann fracster(at)juno.com
Defender         1963          Genesis II         Marlton, NJ            Walt & Edna Klauder cafe8(at)home.com
Defender (4 sale)1964      81  Defender           Linekin Bay, ME        Roland Roy (hm)cajun_1(at)email.msn.com (wk)Roland.Roy(at)state.me.us ('72 Richard Goldsmith)
Defender         1964          Dauntless          Milwaukee, OR          (Yachtworld 4/07)
Defender         196?      84  Carmela-D          Laguna Hills, CA       Allan Karr akarr(at)MORTGAGESELECT.com
Defender         1964      86  Maui               Everett, WA            Jim & Janet Frey chefjimwa3(at)yahoo.com (po Daniel vagabondvet(at)hotmail.com)
Defender         1964      87  Dorsie Y           Topeka, KS             Bob Wolfe-Wolfe Sails, Topeka, KS rwolfe11(at)cox.net
Defender         1965      92  Tiffany II         Newport, OR            Bill & Amy Wechter bwechter(at)actionnet.net
Defender         1965          Pelican 1          Long Beach, CA         (for sale Yachtworld.com 1/2004)
Defender         1965      97  Das Haus           Philadelphia, PA       Peter Conn (ex Montserrat)
Defender         1966          Placebo            Mexico Beach, FL       Ralph Grimaldi gng(at)gtcom.net
Defender         1966     100  Doxie              Ft. Lauderdale, FL     George Custer gwcuster(at)mac.com
Defender         1965     103  Sparrow            Belfast, ME            Jane Thomas, Fran McCarrier thomasmccarrie(at)prexar.com
Defender         1965     104                     San Diego, CA          (po Gail and Keith Keith_Gail(at)webtv.net)
Defender         1966     118                     Altadena, CA           Bill Rickert Rickertwj(at)aol.com
Defender         1966     123  Bloop              Foley, AL              Mike Medynski sailnmike(at)gmail.com
Defender         1965     127  Bohemian III       Mystic, CT             (was '72&'79 Hugh L. M. Cole)
Defender         1965     128  Rosalita           Warren, OR             Andrew & Amy B. Mendenhall MD mendenha(at)ohsu.edu abmendenhall(at)msn.com (ad on Yachtworld.com 1/2004 claimed to have crossed the Atlantic)
Defender         1965     134  Soñador            Kona Sailing Club, HI  Dennis & Christy Needham dneed(at)aloha.net (PO was Mike Keers)
Defender         1967     140  Webbymon           Pensacola, FL          David Hartung webbymon(at)msn.com
Defender         196      144                     Port Isabel, TX        Phil Knapp knappphilip(at)yahoo.com
Defender         1966     149  Ionalu             San Francisco, CA      Maurice W Castellon solidpipe(at)hotmail.com
Defender         1966     150                     Torrance, CA           William Root wroot(at)patlite.com
Defender 4 sale  1966          Jade               Olga, WA               Roger (Patrick Shea patshea(at)centurytel.net, custom house and deck)
Defender         1968          unknown            San Pedro, CA          (for sale Yachtworld.com 1/2004)
Defender         1969     163                     Tampa, FL              Brett Spann fracster(at)juno.com
Defender         196?          Serendipity        Newport, OR            Dada1111(at)save-net.com (on eBay 3/2002)
Defender         1968          unknown            San Pedro, CA          (for sale Yachtworld.com 1/2004)

Registry (30 ft and up)

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