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Added 03/07/2004


you can get a copy of the rudder plan from:


     Justin Thompson

     MarineInfo & Design, Inc.

     1500 Niagara Blvd

     Lewisville, Texas 75077


     214/291-5903 facsimile


There is a list of all the plans he has on the Columbia Yacht Owners website  Go to the model specifications page, click on the 23T link and then click on the link for the drawings available.  The rudder is the same as the one used on the Coronado 23 (model A23).

  The Foss Company can make rudders for some Columbias.  They have two offices, but each location only has molds for rudders they have made before.  If one location doesn't have it the other might.

         Foss Foam Products of Florida, Inc.

        7060 Highway 41 North,

        Williston, FL 32696


        phone: 352-529-1104

        Fax: 352-529-1106



        The Foss Co.

        849 West 18th Street, Suite #C

        Costa Mesa, CA 92627

        Ph#  (949) 646 0244

        Fax# (949) 646 8621


Good luck


Eric White


I also have a C23.  About 5-6 years ago, my rudder broke at the waterline. I traced the outline onto a 4x8 sheet of 5/8 marine plywood - by sandwiching the two cutout forms together, I made a fair replica of the original.  Bolt it together with ss bolts, use a good sander to knock off the sharp edges to make it go through the water easier, wrap in fiberglass cloth and glass it over.  GEM is in a slip and continuously in the water.  My homemade rudder is still holding up nicely.


A lot has been said over the years about the Columbia 'wineglass' shape.  By placing the long, straight part of the rudder (aft edge) along the sides of the 4x8 sheet, the unused portion of the plywood looks much like a wineglass, complete with foot!  I thought that was 'kinda neat'!


The exact shape of the rudder is not critical. You need to figure the square area and center point of that area on the original. This can be done to sufficient accuracy from a drawing. Just race the outline, cut the tracing out, and find the balance point by sticking it on a pin. The area can be estimated from a crude approximation. You can then either make one with a nice convenient rectangular shape or buy a close match. J-24, Catalina 25, whatever.


    Bruce K