Draining Fuel Tanks

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Added 03/09/2004


Does anyone know an easy way to drain the fuel tank...


I'm assuming that the boat is in the water so a simple siphon won't work.  The only good way is with a pump made for fuels. Hand pumps are available from WM or automotive supply places. Most docks that sell gas have one so you might try to borrow or rent. It is tempting to slightly pressurize the tank and drain out the disconnected fuel line. Do not do this. It is too easy to harm the tank.  A six hour cruise on four hours of gas also works.


How much fuel is in the tank? I removed our tank through the engine area by removing the 2 piece bulkhead behind the engine. There was about 10 gals. of diesel in it at that time. It wasn't the easiest but not that bad. I did this as a winter maintenance item. I figure after 20+ years I would find a lot of dirt but the tank was surprisingly clean.


There´s one easy way, but it won´t drain in completely... Take off the fuel feed hose off at the primary filter, connect one of these "outboard priming bulbs" to it with another length of fuel hose and prime the bulb. If your jerrycan is lower than the fuel tank, the fuel will siphon into the jerrycan. When the jerrycan is almost full, lift it and the flow will stop.



The best way is to remove the tank. But that may not be the easiest way, unless the engine is out of the boat.