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Added 11/17/04


hi gang
I want to by some 5/8 nylon line for docking/ 2nd anchor.
West marine sells for 83 cents plus.
Home depot sells for 70 cents a foot - I have been told not to buy that line but stick with west marine.
I have looked on the internet and have seen much lower prices but it is to hard to tell if it is the equivalent of what West marine sell.
Does anyone have a link or know of a place they have bought line/rode over the internet.
Or should I just buy from west marine?
thanks for any help



Hey David...  I found this guy on Ebay and ordered 5/8" rode with 5/16" galv. Chain from him.  He's on the eastern shore of MD.  I can't recall his name, but he has an ebay store...maybe you can find him.  He will make up anything you'd like and his price was great...even with the shipping.

Kip & Beth
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Severna Park, MD



David, look at the breaking strength of the line from Homey D!  You will find that, for the same size diameter it is about half of that of New England Rope or Sampson of comparable diameter and construction (three laid twist)!  I've used their lines with economic success for such things as lazy jacks, fender lines, etc. where true strength is not an issue.  I would not trust your boat to anything less than the finest quality lines for docklines and especially anchor rode!

Dan Johnson
1972 Coronado 27 #316
On the hard in North East, MD



Check out I was just there and saw some good deals on anchor rodes. All of the stuff I saw looked good, most was Wellington brad, the same or equiv. to BUS/WM. I bought all my replacement running rigging on ebay and am very pleased. Of course YMMV...




David, check Defender Industriese or Hamilton Marine for their prices, usually way below WM. Donīt buy the Home Depot stuff, it ainīt for marine use.



  If you really want a good deal in line, buy it by the rope (600 ft.). All you need is a few friends that want into the deal. Buying by the foot always bumps the price.

   Bruce K
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   Los Lunas, NM



Any good ships store should sell quality marine line at less than WM prices. here in Miami, we have a place called Miami Coordage which actually sells to WM, so I get it from them at almost a wholesale price. They are even able to do various eyes and splices.
Here's a good source or two online...

Sam Walker
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