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Added 11/16/2004

Off topic.  Does anyone have a Carry-Cool or similar hatch-mounted air
conditioner in used but working condition that you would like to sell?
     Bill Hoyle
     Coronado 30
     Newport News

Bill, when I was in a marina in the area in 97, a guy mioored nearby had just installed an AC heŽd bought at Home Depot on the front hatch with a plywood cover that kept  the air in0 the boat. He told me he had it sitting oin the compnionway before, an even simpler solution, except for the slighńy acrobatic entry procedure...
pampero iv

That is what I did as well.  $110 is a heck of a lot cheaper the $800.  Works great, drains to the cockpit.  The majority of boats with portable air in South Texas use this method.

SV Kefee
Galveston Bay


Bill, Paul Esterle and I did an article for the Nor'Easter last year on how
I mounted a room ac unit in the companionway of my Coronado 27.  I can send
you a copy of the drawings that Paul did, the pics of the installation, and
the how-to I wrote it that will work for you.

Dan Johnson
1972 Coronado 27 #316
On the hard in North East, MD